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[RC] Rascals improving quickly from EPm - Laurie Durgin

On day 20 of the Marquis I noiticed a decided improvement. The 'hangdog' deamenor vanished. he is now moving 'purposefully' and with "rhythm'.The hesitnacy is gone and the lowered head. He shoved me with head rubbing the last two days(normal for him) he had just been lightly 'touching' me while sicker. I free lounged him today for about 10 minutes on a 60 ft.ring.He moved with good cqadence at a trot. I counted as his front, then his rear landed. No delay, nice even rhythm. But; he doesn't overeach a footfall plus 3 inches like he used to (for a short/necked ,shortbacked horse,you can only overreach so far). He just is coming up to his front feet. He also has some" hitch "in that right hip, though less pronounced than when I watched him about 5 days ago. My daughter/trainer watched him lounge on a line yesterday and said he was shortstriding on that leg. Today I thought he was just plain short striding, maybe more on that leg than the other.
The vet and I have decided to run 3 tests and correlate them (the tap), Cnr and I can't recall the others. he says that will tell him weather we should do another 29 days. But he had said if he "improved' he probably didn't need another round. Now at the time I thought ,"how could he improve in such a short span, when I have heard it may take a year or more to rehab?", and in the research they said at 118 days 70% improved one 'grade ' or better.(Bayer)
I am just amazed at the difference. There must be a diffference from symptoms from active 'inflamation" and residual nerve damage.
It started raining today and he 'ran and bucked'; to come down to the barn. Now I have never seen him buck(only felt it ) in 4 years.He is back to trying to run off the 2 year olds at dinner time. I haven't seen any stumbling lately(when I watched).
I am hopefull he may now recover completely or with very minor descernable damage.
I'll pass on the vets assesement when i get it.
I think I will be doing lots of riding in that ring at a walk between Honey and Rascal, I may start to grow at an angle :} Laurie and Rascal/Honey /Scout

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