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Re: [RC] LD BC?? - Stephanie E Caldwell

Truman, Donna, etc...
I'm in the SE and trying to pick my first LD, I think the horse is ready and we *finally* have at least one saddle that fits. So, I started looking at rides here and ride results for the past 5 years, as I don't want to go to a reallyy big ride for my first. I noticed that many of the same *people* were placing first in the LDs with 2 - 3 hour times, but the horses changed from year to year. So, that got me interested and I started looking at the horse and rider histories. It seemed like the ones running the raelly fast LDs (and somewhat the fast 50's) kept horses a year or two and then they're no other AERC records. My assumtion was they were lame, that's just an uneducated guess.
As a newbie on a first time ride it scares me to go out there and try to ride the 25, I don't have any idea my horse will handle a ton of riders going a 10 - 13 MPH pace if we're doing a 5 - 8 mph pace. I'm thinking about just trying a 50 in the spring, It really intimidates me to go try to ride a ride like that. Seems like alot of the really fast 25s had more pulls than the 50s and/or 100s that were run on the same day, and it seems like the times in the last three years are faster than they were in 90 - 93, figured I'd pick cooresponding years to compare.
Are there horses out there running fast LDs and competing more than 1 or 2 years?
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Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] LD BC??

Before we get all whipped out of shape over this - does anyone know how many what the precentage of horses in LD are really 4 years old? From what I see in the SE region its probably pretty small in which case this whole "speed and 4 yo" is nothing but a red herring hot button.


Wintersdwbob1@xxxxxxx wrote:
If AERC ride managers use the BC form as it is now, they will have to use SPEED and WEIGHT as a factor.  4 year olds will be raced,  horses will be hurt more often, and riders will go like hell.  Now if you wish to submit to the committee that met at the convention and try again to resolve the issue of LD BC  have at it.  BUT time cannot be factor.  You must devise an overall vet parameter score that will take into consideration the horses age, experience and miles.  LD are training rides.  ASK anyone with 10,000+ miles.  And they deserve the right to be heard.  If you have not had a horse on an IV line it is difficult to fathom the guilt.  Whether you went fast or not.  So to reiterate devise a BC form that uses all the vet parameters from all the vet checks, score them and eliminate time from the equation and maybe I will whistle a new tune.  Donna

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