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Re: [RC] [Guest] Trailer ramps - Bonnie Davis

I know its a stupid question -- but if a horse gets a leg under a ramp, why
can't the ramp be lifted and let the horse get leg out and then stand up?
It's easier than picking up a trailer so a horse can get a leg out from
under a step up....

Bonnie Davis

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From: "Heidi Smith" <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Bonnie Davis" <horsecamping@xxxxxxxxx>; "Jim Holland"
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Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 10:52 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] [Guest] Trailer ramps

 But I've never seen a horse slip and go under the end of a ramp
and break a let.  I've seen two of those with step-up trailers -- one
unloading on blacktop at a horse show and the horse spooked and slipped,
leg under the step up which the horse broke.  The other on dirt when the
horse 'fell' out, sat down and went over backwards with both legs going
under step-up.  One leg broke, the other skinned to bone.

I've euthanized one horse that broke a leg on a ramp (slipped off the side
of it and the leg went underneath it) and know of at least one other that
was euthanized at an endurance ride by someone else, and have likewise
degloving injuries on ramps.  They are no assurance that such an injury
not happen.  In fact, given the narrower space underneath a ramp, if a
DOES slip off of one and get a leg underneath, an injury of that sort is
more apt to happen than under the wider space of the step-up, although I
know such injuries have occurred with step-ups as well.

I didn't read Jim's response, but have been following this thread
somewhat--and you can add me to the list of folks who have had both and
will never again own a ramp.  Although we had no trouble training any of
horses to load with the ramp, we had far more slippage and problem with
ramp that I had EVER had with a step-up trailer (and yes, I've had the old
straight-load two-horse variety where they had to back out, as well as
having the open format where they could turn around if they choose).  The
one trailer I had with a ramp I finally took to a shop and had the dang
thing removed, as it was fortunately one that had full doors.


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