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Re: [RC] [Guest] Trailer ramps - Jim Holland

Ridecamp Guest wrote:

Bonnie Davis

In the 40 plus years of hauling horses -- I 've only bought trailers with
ramps.  I don't like step-up trailers but step-up or ramps is a personal
choice and I know you're going to get all kinds of responses on this one!

In about the same number of years hauling, I have owned one trailer with
a ramp. (It was a "deal")  Never again.  If you are a "show person" and
always load and unload your horse in a level spot, and can be sure you
will never be stuck along a highway with a sloping shoulder where you
need to get your horse off, and never have an accident with your trailer
in the ditch, and never need to park your rig on the slope of a hill
when you ride...then go for it. 

IMHO, ramps create more probems than they solve.  I had a half Arabian
gelding once that loved to ride...would jump right on...but was always
suspicious of the ramp. Always tried to jump OVER it to get on! <grin>  

There are two many situations, especially in the mountains, where having
a ramp limits your parking and unloading.  In addition, it adds about
8-10 of space to the "take off" area you need at the rear of the
trailer. (After two years, the springs deteriorated and the ramp support
beams delaminated from the ramp on the one I owned...and I understand
that's not uncommon) 

Forget the ramp.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

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[RC] [Guest] Trailer ramps, Ridecamp Guest