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Re: [RC] tornados - Kat Forst

I am on Martin, TN!  We had about 3 or 4 tornados hit us within 2 hrs.  I was at work when it hit, around 9:30 pm sunday night.  
 I work at a small restraunt, and within an hour the whole place had about 3" of water over the floors.  We lost power from the very beginning, and the WHOLE town was without power for hours!  The restraunt even has a back-up generator that went out!  A few buildings down, someones car got sat on by a huge oak, that took some power lines down with it. 
Every street in the town was flooded, and a few people stupid enough to be out in it drown their cars.  I think we got about 3 inches of rain in a 2 hour period!
Luckily for us the owner, and a friend of mine, came downstairs (they live above the rest.) and brought some much needed candles!  At this point I would like to point out that delivery drivers are people too!!!  If you don't want to get out and drive, neither do they!  Can you believe that while we are hiding in the backroom of the rest, we actually got a LOT of calls wanting to know if we were still delivering!!! "Sure, tell you what, as soon as there aren't a lot of tornados outside our door, we will get the food to you!"  And one guy that called around 9:15 actually called around 10:00 to see why his food wasn't there yet!!  "umm, well sir,  There is this tornado, and no power, and well, I think it might take us about 24 hours to deliver this order.  Sorry!"  And then he wants to know if he gets his next order free!!!!  Man. People can be really rude and inconsiderate!
Anyways, We were lucky enough to finally come home to power, as we are on the same lines as the police station, so we're a priority!  Some people went for up to 22 hours with no power!! 
The great part is, it's lasting for another week!!! Yay...

Kat d. Forst

Night Star Arabians

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Re: [RC] tornados, April Johnson