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[RC] question about "knowing" horse - Kathie Ford

I have a question that was sparked by something I read on a post.  Due to my lack of memory lately (over 40-grrr) can't remember the specific post darn it.
Anyway, it basically spoke of really knowing/observing your horse for "subtle" changes which could affect performance/health issues.
Anyway, I was wondering how and if you could get a horse to pee when you notice that they really do have to go...
Our mares usually don't like to go until they get home.  But we have noticed behaviors in two mares when they do have to go and we'd like to help them out.

One mare, Dolly tends to get a little bit sucked in temporarily when she has to go.  My daughter noticed it.  After she goes you don't notice that anymore.  I praised my daughter for being that observant of her horse.
I noticed also on one of my mares Cira, that when she has to go she will do a little crow hop, and a little, sort a hop kick.  Then she goes and she's fine.  Weird.  But we want to somehow help them to go when they have to and not to feel they have to wait until they get home.
My other horse spirit only pees after I put her away at home.  She rolls, pees and takes a drink.  It is so predictible.  She once did pee on the trail but only once that I remember.
I'm concerned that as we have them out longer that "holding" till home could cause them harm.
I've heard that some vets know how to make a horse pee?  Is this true?  And if so I'd appreciate any and all tips!
Thank you!

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