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[RC] horses smart? - Kathie Ford

Over the few years I've had horses, I have come across some folks that think horses aren't smart. I don't accept this.
Was wondering how you folks feel?
I think they are, maybe some more than others and I'm convinced we can teach them to think vs. react too!  But in observing them I think they can have common sense too!
I noticed something that made me chuckle yesterday while riding my horse but also was smart of her, I felt.  It was an almost human reaction.
We were out just taking a nice walk.  I was on the road and then turned off on one of our trails.  The trails were wet and full of grass which I knew eating some of this lusious stuff was definatelly on her mind.  But she was obiedent and polite about it. Anyway, I stopped her and let her take a bit or two and one of her feet sunk a bit.  She quitely moved to a better spot without assistance from me, and I though good girl.
Anyway, as we were walking off towards home we walked about maybe 100 yards or so and she stopped for a moment, took her left hoof and tapped the ground a time or two checking to see if it was solid and then proceeded on.  I chuckled but she apparently kept in mind that some spots were solid while others weren't.
It wasn't pawing it was tapping.  I knew without a doubt she was checking for safety.  I thought this was quite smart and endearing!  I gave her a big pat and hug for that one!
I couldn't help but smile and chuckle!  And I swear I saw a "I know I'm good" smirk on her face too!
Just thought I'd share that!

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