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[RC] stitches/storey part3 - Laurie Durgin

tue afternoon,went to brunch,came home terribly sleepy, layed down,took nap (gotta ride,gotta ride)drug self out of bed at 3, feeling dopey (too much carbs or coffee?)drank some tea, got ready to ride. 80% 34% humidity.tacked up gave elytes in some beet pulp with , gave him applesauce in syringe(been , practicing, he readily accepts it now)ate an apple. today i was wearing my nike trail shoes, hi tops for support.wanted to compare them to my boots.Ariat frostbiters,still feel the rocks in them, and insulation will make them rather hot this summer.(results were nikes seemed fine for walking that day,did fine riding with my halfchaps.didn't have trouble with my feet moving around,did shorten strrups more,bit of knee soreness. may be out of shape or stirrup length).also trying out all my newly made/adapted tights.
went in the dreaded gate.rode the 7 miler trail, saw more 4w use,but not torn up.got off and cut a decapitating vine 'note:sharpen leatherman knockoff tool .crossed bellydeep water for the first time. trot and cantered alot,stopped to graze some( ah,rascal i think you just ate poison ivy):{ were going to try to ride down the big mud drop,about 130 feet at about 60% SLOPE. i usually dismount, though we have rideenit up and down, but it has erroded alot and it drops off on one side. then i heard a dirt bike.DISMOUNTwheres's it commin from? he couldn't see us,we were over the crest. ah, parellel trail.thinkwe are ok.remounted,bike comming again.trotted to creek,crossed trying to get out of the way aa the speed they travel,if they aren;t looking down,doesn't give us much time. weare in the open between two steep hills of easement. Rascal,partly anxious, partly fired up begins tbe upslope at a run,i wantedf to slow him to maybe a trot.it's steep,maybe 55-60% with big rock for the poiwer trucks to drive on, also it has erosion gullies.he makes it to top,blowing hard. definetly anarobic. Fartleks seem, to be our trainig on some days. we grazestartying to seat. we ride the 2m from there trotting,jigging and halfhalting.we get to dreaded gate. i opentowards us, backing rascal back halfway down the barr. we begin to walk around wih one hand on the end and one moving him.i don't know how ,but he must hasbve bumped it;gate started moving towards usi tried to grab gate edge. i had 3 aeconds as i realised it was moving into it,it awas lining up to stab him in the belly i tried to move it away as he crsuhedmt hand into the cut edge. i kew i hurt it good. i closed and locked gate,then felt my glove gwetting wet. toe it off,saw ir gashed and bleeding. ripped open mt fanny pack.was 300 feet from house,so just grabbed a clean bandanna instead of rooting for a bandage. wrapped it around hand tight to stop the bleeding. walked quickly to house. great , noone home yet, stripped rascal as fast as i could one handed. they drove up.told my husband to look at my hand,did i need stitches, he looked, said yep.had my son, ellery take care of feeding and rascal. went to hospital.the worst part was the little old black nurse that told me to scrub it.i said " i'm not gonna scrub this" as she left the room after she poured something that felt like salt in it , my whole body was jerking ,i suuure wasn't a masochist. my husband said," you'd better or she;s gonna do it"she came back , i shook, bit mt tongue, yelled oooowwwwww! this woman was a fiend! none of this careful try not to hurt you,i'm sorry type. no siree, she was a real washer woman. the dr. came decided since it was a crush injury to xray it. was ok. gave me a tetnus shot. painshots/more like irrigation with needles.she apologised.i think they should have given the pain shot before the scrubbing, two tortures in one day was overdoing it.gave me drugs. of course i felt like lead all night, but my brain couldn't sleep. today i am a zombie. 2 weeks, then i need to pad it when i ride.right in the curve of my thumb to index finger.
will try to have hubby ride rascal at least once or twice hwywt.carying an extra 100 lbs. at a walk for an hour should help. probably only be able to do it twice as he is oot part of the week. or maybe i could go chase him in the pasture witnh a lounge whip.
think i'll call this, the year of the dr. bills.
happy riding,can't ride,sew or write so please have interesting threads the next two weeks.
still planning on oconee 30, if we have to pull partway at least his mind will get some training.
thanful i carry a first aid kit.thankful i had just started wearing my leather and crochet summer gloves(to snap branches i'd decided)it would have probably been much worse without the leather, didn't tear the leather either, just gashed it through.
from now on i will tie him away from the gate, open it completely, untie him, take him thru find a place to tie him on other side, go back and close and lock gate.time and hassle is cheaper than injury.
Lauriethe one handed, and Rascal the atv

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