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[RC] stiches/storey part 2 - Laurie Durgin

we trot,canterstop to graze and go on.passes water heater at a jig,then the 3 burned out,rusted upside down cars( for entertainment these get moved around from time to time,wwwaall it is Ga. kids gotta do sumpum). he sidepasses two burned logs from someones camp fire tossed on the road.i work on some half-halts and a few backing steps(he resists backing, but carrots help). and ilet him trot i decide till last 1/2 mile .BAD DECSION, we are on a full out trot and here we go/ wal, almost past.... the tumbleweed!!!yes,you got it,guess it was moving too fast,sideways...mymemories are ,halfway down his neck yelling STTTOOPPP,which makes no sense at all as his stop word is ho. i have one rein, one stirrup,my water bottle with ice water pops it's top ' ice water thrown on both of us which startles us both more. he stopped actually. i righted myself and headed for the dreaded gate.
got to gate,again, thinking,this gate is gonna get us.i have to now open this 15 foot bar with the sharp end towards us,as i back him up ( i am dimounted, to use key)mind you it has flutterering caution tape attached to it.we have to open it at least 10 feet, then walk around the sharp end(at belly level) and pull it closed behind. i was still trying to figure a safer way to hold him, go around and keep it from closing on me.we made it,wwhheeww. here comesa cop car, i get off road they turn in neighbors drive and stop, so i walk towards them.they get out asking me if i'd seen a yellow 4w.tell them about the two. and they aask mehow are they gettin in. i told them about 3 other ways. but really, there are dozens.they leave i mutter 'too much excitment fot one day'make mental notes to; 1.l let him smell the tumbleweed 2. use another water bottle 3. do something about that gate 4. need better way to attach water bottles to saddle.still rub my knees, need to get them further away . good things ;did not hit ground, he is obeying a whole lot better, we are getting more in stnc at a canter , jigging is actally a nice gait to sit.
take his pulse at house after walking last1/4 m , 36bpm even sweat pattern under saddle , hosed legs for 10 min. felt pretty good about hour 15 workout. tbc laurie the onehanded and rascal

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