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Re: [RC] [RC] alternative mane and tail shine - Maggie Mieske

I keep forgetting to add my two cents here...we use LOC from Amway.  It's
not really a "soap".  It's short for Liquid Organic Compound.  They use it
for cleaning out tankers that have had chemicals in them.  For years, I have
used it in the bathtub or cleaning "delicates".  Once when I was a kid and
needed some horsey shampoo, I used LOC (got in big trouble with my mom) but
it worked great.  I had a white horse and what I noticed was that the dirt
sort of floated out to the edge of the hair and I could brush it right off.
When I was older and got horses again and decided to try it again, I also
noticed the horses didn't roll after I used LOC...really.  My sister didn't
believe me....swore her horse ALWAYS rolled.  We gave her a bath (I usually
use a 5 gallon buckets with a few capfuls of LOC and if someone is really,
really dirty, I just use a handful right on the spot and scrub it in) and
anyway, my sister's horse didn't roll.  I find that if you put them away
wet, they'll roll cuz any water dripping tickles.  But if I let them dry
first, they won't.  Though on occasion, I do believe Malik will roll just to
tick me off!  :)  I have had great luck with it and my horses have never
been cleaner...soaps over time actually can burn their skin.  This stuff is
the best.

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