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Re: [RC] [RC] dealing w/herdbound/barn sour older horses? - Shelley Kerr


I got a chuckle out of your barn sour cure for your gelding.  Reminded me of a horse we had.  When we first got her she would do this drop the behind and spin a 180.  She was fairly quick at it, but it wasn't anything to get you dumped, just scared the heck out of the beginner rider we bought her from.  I was at gaming and we were practicing not being with her buddies and standing out by the arena.  You could feel her getting ready to do her little turn, so I just waited and as soon as she did it we went all the way around and stopped when we were in the same place we started from.  It was hilariuos because she kind of got this puzzled look on her face, but she had to try again, but it was slower the second time and all the way around we went.  Then she just had to try one more time and I about fell off her laughing so hard because she almost knew it was a fatal attempt but she just had to try.  The last spin, she just kind of walked and... all the way around we walked.  That was the very last time she ever tried her little spin while we had her.  She was a fun horse.  She loved the gaming!

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[RC] dealing w/herdbound/barn sour older horses?, heidi sowards