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Re: [RC] shy bladder - Karen Parker

My friend Jan Norman taught her horse Justin to poop and pee on command
using clicker training. He will poop in a shovel for her if she holds it
behind him. You can also teach them to drink on command. Hang out with him
at home and when he goes to pee say pee or whatever word you want, praise,
pet and give him his favorite goody. You can use a clicker or tongue click
but don't have to. Do this enough times for him to associate the word with
the behavior.  Then you can say the word before he starts to pee when you
know he is thinking about it. Don't forget his favorite goody. Pretty soon
he will pee when you give the cue word at home. When he does it at home
consistently you can start doing it other places where he is fairly
comfortable. It will take much less time than you think it will. Alexandra
Kurland trained a mini for a seeing eye guide. Panda lives in the house and
rings a bell to go out when she has to pee. She also rides in the back seat
of a small car. She is potty trained to pee and poop on command. To see
Panda go to the clickercenter.com. To see Justin and Jan go to
http://tojustn.tripod.com/justintimefarm/. I taught my horse Francisco to
sit on his own toilet. Watch for him on Pet Star. I also have instructions
for hobble training on my site. Karen Parker www.clickin-on-ranch.com

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