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Re: [RC] Poor Renegade - Tiffany D'Virgilio

Title: Re: [RC]   Poor Renegade
on 4/11/03 8:31 AM, Barbara McCrary at bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Sandy is right...some people do have SERIOUS reactions to bee and wasp stings.  Another good idea is to carry benadryl antihistamine with you on rides, if you know you are allergic to the stings.  We have it with us when we are managing our ride, as someone occasionally gets stung along the trail.

Guys, Benadryl is not going to help anyone with a severe anaphylactic reaction to a sting. You will need epinephrine. Anything you take orally is not going to help. A true anaphylaxis will have you dead inside a few minutes. If you know you are allergic, get a kit of epi so you can inject yourself. I have witnessed many reactions to oral and injectable contrast media, as well as stings, and drug interactions and there is a difference between a mild reaction with some flushing, uticaria (hives), and true anaphylaxis.
Just a heads up in case you have had a reaction. Also high on the list is a sudden reaction to shellfish from the iodine.

Re: [RC] Poor Renegade, Barbara McCrary