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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] re: hobbling to saddle - Sullivan

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NH is  more a thought process and philosophy, not so much any type of training.  Treat a horse as a horse but within the parameters of keeping ourselves safe.  I can groom you, but you can't groom me.  I can walk into your space, but you're not allowed in mine unless I ask you to.  I gain your trust and respect by treating you like a horse and having control of your movements, just as an alpha mare would.    NH is being active, not reactive... being able to see, feel, touch, hear, etc what the horse will do before he/she does it.   It's savvy, a relationship, a partnership, and understanding.   

*If this is true, then why all the crap about "playing games" with horses.?  That just seems to me to be the wrong approach going in.  To me, yes, it is partnership, but you better the heck be the one in charge.  Seems a better approach to attempt to show the horse what you want in a straight forward way, explain it the clearest, set up the horse to be successful and learn the cues, lots of reward. When you can handle your horse in all situations safely, and not endanger OTHER PEOPLE you ride with, both on the ground and in the saddle, THEN you can take the time for play, tricks, etc.

I find just too much of this so-called NH stuff to be NOT common sense.




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