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Re: [RC] [Guest] [RC] Ground Bees - Sullivan

Had an experience several weeks ago on a ride up on the rugged property a
friend owns. At a depression in the road, that was marshy, were were swarms
of bees on the ground (true bees, not the yellowjackets you find later in
the year).  Our friend said on the way back, we should trot fast through
that area.  But, she stopped right before the bee area to get off her horse
and adjust something, and actually stopped very near bees. While she was
trying to get back on, the horses were getting buzzed. Then, she takes off
at a mad canter, my friend next.  I am watching my friend on this horse
ahead of me, who is cantering and bucking at the same time. I am on the 6
year old Anglo Arab....who, despite all the madness, is going along at a
sensible, controllable slow canter.
After about a mile going up this road; she started just ducking her
head....I did not know if she was going to buck or what, so I asked her to
trot while every one cantered away.  She complied and seemed better....very
well behaved on ride back down very steep muddy, rocky hill.

At home, hosing her legs,I found and scraped three bee stingers out of the
inside of her front legs.  She had been strung, but had not bucked or acted
up...other than putting her head down.

I gave her  LOT of credit on that ride, very well behaved despite dangerous

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