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[RC] [Guest] [RC] Ground Bees - Ridecamp Guest

From: bjromanuski@xxxxxx

Hi. After reading some of your stories, i just have to share this.  I ride
an older Standardbred gelding (somewhere around 20).  I purchased him last
May.  In august my husband and I were riding on an old railroad bed.  We
were about 15 miles in nowhere's land and my cell phone did not have any
service.  We stopped for lunch, dismounted, when my horse, CD, started
stomping his hind leg.  He then started circling me.  It was then I noticed
three bees on his rump.  I tripped as he spun me around, and fell right
underneath him.  He ran over me, and took off down the trail.  I stood up,
unhurt, but stung in a few places, my hand, and neck.  My husband watching
all this was surprised I was not hurt.  He said I was right underneath the
horse's feet.  All I could think of was my horse was gone.  My husband gave
me his reins to hold his horse,while he ran through
the swarm of bees to try to find my horse.  Less than a few minutes later,
they are both coming back up the trail.  CD had just run around the bend,
stopped and turned looking up the trail in the direction my husband was
walking.  My husband ran him back through the bees with no further
incidence.  Checking over my horse, he had two swellings on his hindquarters
from the bees.  Even in the midst of his pain from the bees, he took care
not to hurt me.  And he did not keep on runing like some horses may have..
We are also able to let our two horses free graze when out on the trail, and
they will both come when they hear us whistle.

just my two cents.  But I am someone who owes my horse alot.


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