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[RC] Training/Pushy young horse - Lysane Cree

While on the subject of training, round penning,etc. I
have a question for everyone.

What is a good way to teach a young horse to respect
your space and stay out of it? I am doing alot of
ground work with my filly and while she is coming
along very well, this is one small issue we run
into...in the barn she is fine, but when we are
outside and she gets excited about something, she
tends to be pushy - what I mean is if I ask her to
turn, she will turn fast and is always bumping into
me. Very annoying and could be dangerous. She leads
well, but she needs to learn to respect my space.
Also, this is carrying through to times when she is
out in pasture. She always come up to me when I go in
the pasture and she has never done anything "bad" with
me, but she has been acting very dominant with other
people who work at the barn. When it is time to come
into the barn at night, she will gallop to the barn
and often gallop straight towards a person without
looking like she is going to stop. One girl got scared
and went through the boards of the fence so the filly
kept charging straight towards the fence and slid to a
stop inches before hitting the fence. Another girl
went out there to get a horse, and my filly galloped
towards her, slid to a stop and reared in front of her
with her ears back. To me it seems like it is a
dominance thing (my filly thinks she is dominant over
these people, or is trying to show that she is) or she
thinks that she is playing a game, but in either case,
it is dangerous behaviour that my horse should not be
doing! So, any suggestions? I have been carrying a
dressage whip with me and using the butt end to keep
her out of my space, when I am working on leading,
etc. The last time she charged at someone they gave
her a smack with the whip on the chest (with my
permission). She seems to be getting the idea, but I
want to to work on this more. 

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