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Re: [RC] Horses and Husbands - Truman Prevatt

Just look at the vet schools. Almost 65% of the students these days are
women. I think the fundamental difference is men no longer have any
contact with animals in their youth.  A much higher percentage grow up
in the cities or burbs and animals mean nothing to them. I  was the
photographer at a "dog walk" benefit for a fund raiser for a local
animal league. A vet clinic had a booth there and he was serving coffee
and donuts so of course I stopped by to talk with him.  He (and his
clinic) did only small animals. He told me he was afraid of horses,
cows, etc., and when he was in vet school he hated that portion of the
curriculum. He grew up in the city and large animals were foreign to him
and that was just fine with him.

If you talk to the men involved in the sport, riders, vets, ride
managers you will probably fine that most somewere around a horse
somewhere in their youth.

Myself, I used to play tennis but found that boring after awhile, golf
is very frustrating unless you do it often - but I don't think I will
ever tire of riding a horse down the trail. I might tire of crashing
down to the ground, but at least the sand is soft down here:-).


Bette Lamore wrote:

>   the gatherers...--- men are the hunters-- the procurers. And then
> there are men, such as many on this ridecamp (Truman, Frank, Tom...
> etc) who openly give themselves to the sport. These days, however, men
> seem to be in the minority (just look in the show ring and in training
> barns).

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[RC] Horses and Husbands, Tamara Taylor
Re: [RC] Horses and Husbands, Bette Lamore