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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award - John Teeter

If I ride 50s and Steph rides 100s and we every event we do we do together, and we do 10 events, they she will have 1000 miles and I will have 500. If she then does PanAM, which DOESN'T have a 50, then I'd have < 1/2 her miles and we would not be elegible for consideration for any placing in the husband/wife award. I'd have to ride another 50 or she'd have to not do PanAm.

It is not that we'd get second or third or forth ... place. It is that we would not be eligible for the award at all. And I know, it's a points award not a mileage award. and in my example above, the PanAm would only generate miles, no points. The ride would not have changed the standings for H&W award at all because the H&W team would not get any points anyway. the ONLY effect of that would be to eliminate the team from competition. Not even the satisfaction of "to finish is to win".

But I agree with Mike, this is a trivial issue when compared to a board meeting to decide >$45,000 of spending issues, what to do with a $125,000/year SURPLUS of income.

Changing the rules of competition for all LD events (vote no!) Considering purchasing trail easements for AERC (vote to send it to the legal and finance committees for opinions),

Web Sites and Email (vote yes to send these to committee for review and determination of what to do);

Veterinary Research and Data Aquisition (masqurading as the Equine Fatality motion) - Vote No and Work with the Vet Committee to get this issue moving forward. etc. etc.

The H&W thing is like the rule change for LD. it's a change requested b/c of a very limited low frequency event which has side effects which extend to all competitors.

Get a real business plan, figure out how to target resource (people and $s) to the achieve the goals set forth there. Crank up the Educational activities to match the interests and needs of the membership and to encourage growth. Get the Committees (especially Vets, Trails, and Education) working together to the benefit of the members. Get the Rules, Sanctioning, Office committees to follow established procedures or define new ones which they will follow.

The Board should insure it's current policies (especially financial policies) are known and followed by the Board. Most Board members have not read the AERC financial policies I think.

It is difficult to manage a business from a vacuume filled with political rhetoric and private agendas.

john teeter

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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award, Magnumsmom