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[RC] robyn hood using a balance rein (to control a hard charging horse?) - Ed Kilpatrick

dont know about this "balance rein", but do know this.  the best way i have found to control that hard charging competitive horse who wants to go his speed and not yours is to go back to basics.  do lots and lots of one rein stops, both to the right and the left.  do it in the arena or round pen first.  do it at the walk, do it at the trot and do it at the canter.  do it until your horse will consistently move out at the speed  you want him to and stay at that speed until you tell him to do something different.  do not rely on gimmicks.  the thing with the one rein stop (or  flex, if you prefer)  is to wait until your horse "gives" his head, then release the pressure and reward him.  i have been working with my wife's mustang for the last couple of weeks, doing lots of one rein stops, working on speed control and he is doing much, much better.  we did a ctr this weekend and while she was near camp waiting to continue to the next trail, someone fired up a four wheeler behin d her and out of sight near a horse trailer.  her horse bolted, took off like he was shot out of a cannon.  she quickly did the one rein stop,  he responded immediately, stopped and then calmly walked off when she asked him to.  all this with just a plain old dee-ring snaffle bit.  if your horse is a real hard charger, you may have to do one rein stops two or three hundred times a day for several days until they understand that you are the one who decides how fast to go.  it works,  be patient and consistent.       ed

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