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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award - Magnumsmom

Truman wrote:

 It seems strange that a team where the rider with the lesser of the 
points has a bunch but when you calculate the magic formula the rider 
with the larger number is over by 4.6% and that team is DQed by the 
brick wall cut off.   [...]

Not when the "team" doesn't qualify for the award.  If you are 62 years
old, you are within 4.6% of riding for senior awards, but you do not qualify.
There is nothing wrong with a black and white "cut-off" to qualify for an

If a husband and wife are TRUELY riding as a team, one will easily be within
50% of the miles of the other.  An example I sent privately is Judy Long and
Nick Warhol.  Nick's first horse got old.  He has had bad luck with his 
horse and his third horse is more suited to Judy.  Did Judy just ride 
(her horse... before Nick) and let Nick crew?  No.  Judy and Nick trade off 
Warpaint and crewing.  Judy let Nick have Warpaint to ride Tevis.  Have they 
been riding as a husband and wife team?  Yes.  For years.  

To reiterate, I think the intent of the award was to make sure the high 
rider and a spouse didn't automatically win this award.  If the riders in 
for your 4.6% example were truely riding as a H/W team the qualifications for 
Husband and Wife award would not have been an issue for them.

No, I don't think that 250 qualifying miles should be adopted either.  This 
is a 
TEAM award.  TEAM.  To me that means a TEAM... as in all year long.

Yes, I think it is black and white.  Either you are riding as a Husband and 
Team, or you are not.  Therefore, either you qualify for the award and 
or you do not.  And that's alright.

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM

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