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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award - Heidi Smith

If I ride 50s and Steph rides 100s and we every event we do we do
and we do 10 events, they she will have 1000 miles and I will have 500. If
she then does PanAM, which DOESN'T have a 50, then I'd have < 1/2 her
and we would not be elegible for consideration for any placing in the
husband/wife award. I'd have to ride another 50 or she'd have to not do

John, this is why I always liked the concept of simply counting all the
rides where they ride at the same event, regardless of mileage.  The point
of the award, to me, is that the husband and wife actually go out and do
rides together, whether they ride together or not.  (And yes, being married
myself, this is one that interests me personally--and I see no reason for
rides to count that I might do while my husband is off in Denmark, not that
we've ridden enough in the past few years to even be in consideration for
such an award.)  This way, there is no problem with record-keeping,
either--did they both do this ride?  Then bang! this one counts.  Did one of
them not do this ride?  Then no miles count toward husband/wife award.  If
you ride 50's and your wife rides 100's, whatever you do at the same event
counts--no need to keep track of mileage ratios.  If she goes on and rides
every weekend and leaves you home sometimes to do chores, no big deal--those
miles just don't count, because husband and wife were not riding at the same
ride.  Simple.  So the husband and wife that earn the most points by doing
the sport together are rewarded.  Isn't that what it's all about??

I sure wish the BoD would look at this as a solution, as I think it is the
easiest, fairest, and most in keeping with the spirit of the award.


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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award, John Teeter