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Re: Re: Re: Re: antibiotics and digestion

> If she won't eat more veggie oil than she is now, you might consider trying one of the "dry" fatpak products. 
Will dry fat products cause loose stools?  I had decreased the oil from 2 cups to 1 cup because of this problem...  If not, I will definitely add some Fat Pak to her ration.  Will also try more BP at night and see how that goes.
Part of my concern is that she's dropped from body score 5 to 3.5 right before winter.  It's hard not to want instant success... :-)
So my original question is still not really answered and I am very curious.  Does anyone know if antibiotics screw up gut flora enough that food doesn't get properly digested in the internal fermentation vat?   If this is the case, it might not matter too much what I feed her until I stop feeding her antibiotics.

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