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Re: Re: Re: antibiotics and digestion

>I was feeding beetpulp 2x per day, but a lot fermented and was wasted as she >didn't eat it fast enough.  She loves the water, and will eat a hole in the bucket >of it, and then not eat the stuff on the sides.  So I replaced the wet beetpulp >with dry Sr., and found she will eat more Sr. than beetpulp, so I upped the >ration of Sr. to 1 gallon of it 3x per day.  I am feeding her a big bucket of >beetpulp at night, and it's gone by morning.  ???  Should I feed BP drier or in a >different container or something?  How much grain should I mix in and which >type (I have rolled oats on hand)??  I will feed grain if it does not make her hot, >she already bucks and trots around on 3 legs enough. :-)
See if you can increase the amount of beet pulp you're leaving with her at night and if she'll still clean it up by morning.  If she won't eat more veggie oil than she is now, you might consider trying one of the "dry" fatpak products.  Keep in mind it also takes awhile to put weight both on and off, so be patient about looking for results.  It might just take awhile to adjust to the changes going on.
>She is still on Baytril (the "elephant gun" of antibiotics) and will be for 2 more >weeks.  She's also eating 1/2 g of bute 2x per day, (down from 2 g per day),
OK.  Just wondering.  :-)
good luck,
susan g

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