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Re: Re: antibiotics and digestion

> You can replace some (maybe half or better) of the equine senior with more beet pulp (Susan)
I was feeding beetpulp 2x per day, but a lot fermented and was wasted as she didn't eat it fast enough.  She loves the water, and will eat a hole in the bucket of it, and then not eat the stuff on the sides.  So I replaced the wet beetpulp with dry Sr., and found she will eat more Sr. than beetpulp, so I upped the ration of Sr. to 1 gallon of it 3x per day.  I am feeding her a big bucket of beetpulp at night, and it's gone by morning.  ???  Should I feed BP drier or in a different container or something?  How much grain should I mix in and which type (I have rolled oats on hand)??  I will feed grain if it does not make her hot, she already bucks and trots around on 3 legs enough. :-)
> Is she still on antibiotics?  And why do you suspect ulcers? (Susan)
She is still on Baytril (the "elephant gun" of antibiotics) and will be for 2 more weeks.  She's also eating 1/2 g of bute 2x per day, (down from 2 g per day), between bute and stress, I thought ulcers were a distinct possibility.  The vet checked for blood in her stool, but did not find anything.  For a while, her anus appeared to have some slight sores on it (right after surgery).  I added the aloe juice around the time I noticed them.  They have since gone away.  For all I know, they may have just been some type of bedsores.
>Maybe you should try a fecal sample on her.  Even though you might have wormed her, the hay belly look is sometimes a sign of worms.  (Tammy)
She was on Strongid 2CX until last week.  The vet did a fecal about a month ago and found her to be clean.  I took her off Strongid as it has started to freeze here, and I thought removing an extra chemical from her diet would not be a bad thing.  Teeth have been floated in spring, but I will have the vet check them on Monday (our weekly appointment).
Thanks Susan & Tammy!!

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