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antibiotics and digestion

My injured mare that weighs 900 lbs. is eating about 10 lbs. Equine Sr. per day, and about 10-15 lbs hay per day, and beetpulp (just a few lbs.), and 1 c. corn oil.  She's an eating & pooping machine, but is not picking up weight.  Is this due to antibiotics killing off the gut flora?  I am feeding her probiotics daily in her Acculytes and I am also feeding 1 cup aloe juice in case of ulcers.  She's a ribby but has a little hay belly & is well hydrated.  I am blanketing her at night to help her conserve energy.  Anything else I can do for her???  I don't think I can feed more fat...  There isn't much pasture around due to drought, her hay is a very good quality alfalfa/grass mix.
Ideas welcome!!!

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