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Nothing exciting....

So somebody tell us something exciting...

1) What endurance rider/AERC advocate is speaking at the BIG Las Vegas
Veterinarian Convention this year?
2) Who is Mary Ben's Ride and Tie partner for next year?
3) What and how much was the last horse sold from USA to overseas?
4) How many people went to the Sac Horse Auction and what were the total
5) When is the next FEI ride in USA?
6) When is the deadline for nominating to the Pan Am ride in Vermont?
7) Does David Jenkins have a new horse?
8) Who is new/nominated for:  the Board for the ride & tie Association?
9) Where might the next RAT race championship be? Euer Ranch?

10) Should Ferrets be legal in Calif? (Whoops, wrong listserve....)

Steve Shaw

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