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RC: Re: RE: slant load vs straight load

I read somewhere that a horse that cannot get its head down in a trailer in 
a long haul is most likely to get that cough or sickness related to 
traveling in a trailer. There is a name for it that escapes me.

At 06:46 PM 1/16/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Horse and Rider magazine did an article on studies done on this very subject
>(horse comfort in trailers)---but I cannot quote you date, issue, etc.    I
>remember that they thought the horse was least comfortable in a
>straight-load with a manger -  couldn't get their head down to flex their
>necks.    Seems like riding facing backward was most comfortable followed by
>slant---but don't quote me on this.   They studied this by doing vital
>signs, etc., during travel.
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