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RC: Re: Possums

I have a Great Pyreenes and love him.  Also have a collie and now have kept
a collie/pyreenes mix.  Will be interesting to see how she turns out.  We
can hear coyotes in the surrounding woods... but they don't come into the
farm itself.  Have lost some barn cats and chickens that roam around.... to
take care of the bugs but some of those were left over pilgrims pride type
that were given to me and they sure got BIG.  If you stumbled over one, you
really knew it. Not sure what happened to those that were lost as there have
been no bodies or remains found.  The pyreenes are so funny.. when temp gets
warm they just sleep... but when the cold weather hits they are very
animated.  Tried a St Bernard but he killed a few too many chickens, chased
the horses, especially at loading time, and slobbered all the time.  Don't
miss him.  A vehicle hit him which saved me a bullet.... the very next time
he chased one of the horses.. !!!!  Mary Ann

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