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RC: RE: slant load vs straight load

Slant load vs straight load dilema...

I've heard slant load trailers are safer in a rear end collision because the
horses head is not in front of a wall.  Slant load trailers also offer extra
storage space in the rear tack. Straight loads are easier to load, can have
wider horse stalls, and have a chest bar they can lean against.  The
straight load trailers I've looked at tend to be about 1' longer than the
comparable slant load with a rear tack.

Which is better? I'm not sure - I've been trying to figure that out
myself...most people I've talked to seem to think a slant load is better,
followed by A straight load without mangers. A straight load that has
mangers is probably the least desirable.

I'd be interested if anyone knows of any scientific studies done on this

Happy Trails - Sarah

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