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A microchip can provide proof of ownership. But brand inspectors in most
states at public sales and auctions will not routinely scan for them. Many
of the states with brand inspection laws require an inspection of every
horse at public sales and auctions. This provides some degree of protection
against stolen horses. A brand inspection does not necessarily require a
brand. A few states may actually require a physical brand or freezemark for
resident animals.

As a side note, Louisiana now requires every horse to carry a unique
identification (freeze mark, microchip, tatoo) to provide coggins tracking.
For their purposes, a ranch brand (which does not uniquely id a particular
horse) is not sufficient.

For brand laws of the various states (and other legal horse stuff), go to

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Keith and Anna <>

> .  Freeze marks are accepted
> > as a brand, as of course a registered brand is.  But microchips are not.
> Actually, I had to use my microchip for my horse to prove that i was the
> owner after a lease and the lady lost all paperwork, and mine was all
> away some where during a move.  The brand inspector accepted it as proof
> ownership and documented that on my hauling card.

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