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Thought I should go ahead and look up the code, and not rely on what our 
local brand inspector told us.  Here's what I got .  One thing is clear (I 
think!) -  if you have a horse in NM, it had better be registered (and be 
able to prove it) OR branded/freeze marked.  I'm glad this came up and I 
did the homework! Lif

>77-9-3. Necessity of brand; rebranding required; exceptions.
>A. A person who owns livestock shall have and adopt a brand for them. ....
>D. Subsection A of this section shall not apply to a person owning horses, 
>mules or asses who has been issued a transportation permit as provided in 
>Section 77-9-42 NMSA 1978 or who has a registration certificate for an 
>animal from a recognized breed association or to any person owning horses, 
>mules or asses that have been identified by a freeze mark or a freeze 
>brand recorded with the board. ....

>77-9-42. Transportation permits for horses, mules and asses; brand and 
>health certificate good for length of time of ownership.
>A. A person who owns horses, mules or asses and desires to transport them 
>within the state for a purpose other than their sale or trade may, upon 
>request to an inspector, be issued an owner's transportation permit in 
>lieu of the required brand certificate for each horse, mule or ass to be 
>B. The owner's transportation permit issued in lieu of a brand certificate 
>is valid as long as the horse, mule or ass described in the certificate 
>remains under the ownership of the person to whom the permit was issued.
>C. The owner's transportation permit or the brand certificate shall 
>accompany the animal for which it was issued at all times while the animal 
>is in transit, and each shall identify the horse, mule or ass by brand, 
>color, markings, sex, age and, where applicable, by registration number, 
>tattoo or other mark as provided by rules of the board.

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