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In a message dated 1/16/00 10:19:37 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Not that I plan to travel from WV to NM anytime soon, but there are no
 brand inspections in the East.  Only one of my horses are
 freeze-branded.  What would I do besides carrying registration papers
 and health documents? >>

It has been my experience that most authorities are content that you have 
SOME way to identify that you own the horse.  And most are far more concerned 
that you have appropriate health papers.  If you actually LIVE in a state 
that requires brand inspection, then arguably you should have one, but the 
purpose of brand inspection is to prevent theft, and if you have no 
opportunity to have a brand inspection (such as those of you who live in 
eastern states), then your best bet is exactly what you've described--a copy 
of registration papers in your name, including the description/markings 
portion, and current health documents.


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