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RC: tying up and heat cycles

In a message dated 1/16/00 10:20:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< We had 5 foals born between November and February of one year (unplanned!) 
 after normal length pregnancies, which goes to show that not all mares read 
 (or believe in) the vet books that say mares don't cycle in the winter!  >>

And thank goodness my mare didn't read the book when she went to Texas and 
conceived the very last foal by the late Kellogg stallion Lawmoss on Dec. 2 a 
couple of years ago!  That one WAS planned (albeit hastily when we realized 
that the stallion might not survive into the following "breeding season") and 
we were thrilled to death with the resultant Oct. 26 "daddy look-alike" filly!


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