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.  Freeze marks are accepted
> as a brand, as of course a registered brand is.  But microchips are not.

Actually, I had to use my microchip for my horse to prove that i was the
owner after a lease and the lady lost all paperwork, and mine was all packed
away some where during a move.  The brand inspector accepted it as proof of
ownership and documented that on my hauling card.

> by the brand inspector.  No brand, no card.

A horse is not required to be branded to get a hauling card, you just have
to show proof of ownership like a registration papers, microchip, or mare
and foal together.  In addition the card only costs 8.00 for as long as you
own the horse.  And allows you to haul that horse anywhere in the state.
With out the card, if you get caught, it is a $150.00 fine per animal  for
the first time. and on up from there for next time and even impoundment of
the horse for multiple violators.

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