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2008 Day 1 - Castle Creek
Images by Merri Melde

2007 Day 4 - Wildhorse
Images by Merri Melde

2007 Day 3 - Sinker
Images by Merri Melde

2010 - September 28 - October 3 - Click here for info
Owyhee Canyonlands 2009

September 29 - October 3 (Tuesday - Saturday)
5 Days of Endurance Rides - 5 Days of Limited Distance

All 50 mile distances are AHA recognized.

Photos by Merri Melde


Day 1

Day 2 Gallery I

Day 2 Gallery II

Day 2 Gallery III

Day 3 Gallery I

Day 3 Gallery II

Day 4 Gallery I

Day 4 Gallery II

Day 4 Gallery III

Day 5 Gallery I

Day 5 Gallery II

Karen Bumgardner's Photos

Owyhee Canyonlands 2009 - Karen Bumgarner

October 4 2009

The Owyhee Canyonlands Multi day is still one that I haven't finished all 5 days of. I have managed to do all 5 of a couple XP's and the old Lost Wagon Train but Canyonlands has avoided me once again. I was so pumped for this ride, had prepped and worked hard to be ready. Both boys, Thunder and Blue Lightening, were good to go. My back and hip could slow me down, I was aware of that, but I had no idea that my own tendon in a leg would stop me from all 5 days. However, better me to be lame than my horses!

Day 1 saw 50 starters take out of ride camp on the beginning of a great adventure. We rode the Wild Horse Butte, a 50 mile loop which left camp at Bates Creek, crossed Hwy 78, went out across the birds of Prey area, around Wild Horse Butte to the Snake River. Gorgeous. The horses drank deeply from the river and then we traveled along the river and up the hills, leaving it far behind, through washes and gully's where we met up with an unhappy rattler. I didn't stop to make friends. We were on the Oregon Trail for several miles which is pretty awesome. Then back to camp.

Day 2 was Castle Creek and we crossed so many creeks and canyons that I am really not sure which was which. The canyons and rock formations were gorgeous. The wind however was wicked and was about to blow us off our horses on the ridgetops. I loved the old wagon sitting alongside the dirt road not far from a ranch. This day and all days were 50 mile loops pf trail with all out vet checks. It was fantastic and beautiful, sandstone ledges, a vast land of many colors. However a few miles from the finish my ankle was snapping and popping and didn't want to support me so we were slow. But we finished. It felt better after I walked around for a bit so I was optimistic for day 3.


Day 1 - Results

30 Miles - 15 starters, 15 finishers

Day 1 - Results

50 Miles - 50 starters, 46 finishers

Day 2 - Results

25 Miles - 16 starters, 15 finishers

Day 2 - Results

50 Miles - 40 starters, 39 finishers

Day 3 - Results

25 Miles - 17 starters, 17 finishers

Day 3 - Results

55 Miles - 34 starters, 32 finishers

Day 4 - Results

25 Miles - 15 starters, 15 finishers

Day 4 - Results

50 Miles - 33 starters, 32 finishers

Day 5 - Results

25 Miles - 17 starters, 17 finishers

Day 5 - Results

50 Miles - 32 starters, 30 finishers

5-Day Horses and Riders

Come ride the historic trails of Southwest Idaho's rugged Owyhee country! Ride all day and come back for a hot shower, happy hour in the shaded yard, and a hearty Idaho dinner by Blue Canoe Catering. Sleep under the starry skies, and ride again the next day! (or maybe just relax and enjoy the late summer sun...) . Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be available all week! Dinner (after the ride) is free with ride entry, breakfast and lunch may be purchased beginning on Monday. Blue Canoe Catering is providing all meals.
Ride Managers:
Steph & John Teeter 208-834-2788
Day Manager: Regina Rose
Ride Veterinarians:
Michael Peterson, DVM
Robert Washington, DVM
Olin Balch, DVM
BLM Mustang for adoption!

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    Corral Rentals: $50 per corral per week
    Dinner: $11.00, free with ride entry
    * Late Registration Fee: $10 per rider for entries recieved after September 22

    5 day overview map
    We have some new sections of trail this year! Days 1 - 4 LD's and 50's will all have big loops and out vet checks, returning to camp at the end of the day. Day 5 will have two 25 mile loops, with a 1 hour hold in camp. We're taking you farther out each day to experience more of the incredible Owyhee country. This is rocky country, so pads or hoof protection is highly recommended. This is not a difficult ride and there are no huge climbs, but there are plenty of slow and technical trail sections - just take your time and enjoy!

    2009 Trails Description

    Day 1, Tuesday, Wild Horse Butte. 50 miles, 30 miles.
    Map: dowload pdf file || view as jpg
    50's: Mostly good footing. Some sandy stretches, minimal rock, some single track, some washes, lots of dirt road (Oregon Trail) with good footing. Single track trail along the Snake River, around Wild Horse Butte. Two out vet checks, both in same location at the end of Ryepatch Rd.
    30's: Fairly easy trail, good footing, single track and dirt roads, one out vet check.
    Day 2, Wednesday. Castle Creek Canyon. 50 miles and 30 miles.
    Map: dowload pdf file || view as jpg
    50's: Very scenic, classic Owyhee Desert ride, canyons and washes and some rocky ridge trails - ride along Browns Creek drainage, above Castle Creek Canyon, and then through the canyon to an outcheck at Collette's TX Ranch. Moderate to easy in difficulty. There are a few very rocky technical sections in the morning. Otherwise, decent footing, some short rocky stretches, ranch roads, single track through canyon area. One out vet check half-way.
    25's: Fairly easy trail, with minimal rock, but some sections of sand wash. One out vet check. You will cross Hart Creek and ride the trails on the south side of Triangle Road. .
    Day 3, Thursday - Alder Creek. 50 miles, 25 miles.
    Map: dowload pdf file || view as jpg
    50's: Ride south to Browns Creek camp (via a new trail crossing Hart Creek drainage!) for a vetcheck. 50's do a 25 mile loop starting south towards Toy Mountain. Turn east before the big climb and ride around the granite rocks. Take a new trail back down crossing Alder Creek again, then another new trail to cross Browns Creek at an old homestead. Follow dirt road back to Browns Creek vetcheck. Backtrack across Hart Creek to return to basecamp. High point above Alder Creek at 4500 ft. Some rocky sections, very scenic.
    30's: Ride south to Browns Creek camp (via a new trail crossing Hart Creek drainage!) for a vetcheck. Return on the same trail (it will look different!). Some rocky sections, some technical single track trail returning to basecamp.
    Day 4, Friday, Sinker Creek Canyon. 50 miles, 30 miles.
    Map: dowload pdf file || view as jpg
    50's: new return trail for 50's. Moderate to easy trail, very scenic! VERY rocky as you ride through canyon for 5 miles. Cows/calves and low branches in canyon - no trotting through here! But take your binoculars and camera - raptor nests in canyon walls, great rock formations, pretty trail! One out vetcheck. Head back west to return, ride the old irrigation canal to Bates Creek, take a new trail up Bates Creek canyon, then return cia Spring Ranch Rd and circle back to camp.
    30's: Ride through Sinker Canyon, one out vet check on Bates Creek Rd.

    Day 5, Saturday, Hart Creek Canyon, 50 miles, 25 miles and Trail Ride.
    50's: Two 25 mile loops with one vetcheck in camp. Moderate trail, some climbs and rocky sections. Ride through the old homestead on Hart Creek, and along the rim above Hart Creek Canyon. Very scenic. Mixed footing - some sand, a rocky climb out of the canyon, fairly technical trail in places.

    30's: One vet check in camp. Fairly technical trail, some climbs and rocky sections. Very scenic.
    Trail Ride: Ride the 15 mile loop down into Hart Creek and through the old Homestead. Moderately difficult. Or ride the 10 mile rim trail above Hart Canyon for an easier, but still scenic, ride.

    Average Weather Conditions

    National Weather Service: 7 day forecast for Murphy/Oreana, ID - 83650

    Normal high temperatures (for Boise) are in the mid 70's. Normal low temperatures are in the lower 50's. It is typically dry and sunny, though showers are possible.
    This page will give you the daily averages for the month of September in Boise. Oreana can be a little warmer and drier on average than Boise.

    Come ride the Owyhee Canyonlands....

    where time stands still!
    That is what I find, the quiet is deafening, the sky is endless, and time stands still, this is where trail/horse/rider all truly become one.


    BLM Mustang for Adoption
    This mustang will be up for adoption at Canyonlands. Belle (6444) is a 3 year old blue roan from the Cedar Mtn. HMA near Tooele, UT. She was gathered in December, 2008. We were able to put a halter on her and pet her within 45 minutes of beginning to work with her. She is very intelligent and learns quickly. She has a beautiful floaty trot that looks like you could ride it all day. We will continue to work with her until the ride and will have her halter trained, trailer loading, etc. We will most likely have her to the point of wearing a saddle as well. If anyone has any questions about her I can be reached at flyingtacres@wirelessbeehive.com or 801.554.4431. Her adoption will be on a first come first serve basis unless there is a lot of interest in her and then we will take the highest bidder.