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2014 Vermont 100, Moonlight 75/50

Photos by Darryl Downs, reporter and rider!


100 results partial:

1- Meg Sleeper on Syrocco Cadence
2- Amy Warrington on Mind of his Own
3- Nicki Meuton on Cashin In
4- Bryna Stevenson on Luke
5- Tom Hagis on Rainman
6- Carol Federleigh
7/8- Kyle Gibbon and Steve Rojek
9- Gina Hagis
10- Claire Godwin
11/12- Claire and Wesley Taylor 
13- Richard Stedman
14- Sarah Jack
15- Cala Orino
16tie- Suzette Fegan and Carrie Tennay
18- Nancy Sluys, Dean & Dawn Hilliard 
21- Sally White
22- Nancy from Ottawa 
23- Rachel Lodder
24- April Haliburton 

75 miler winner- Connie Walker and BC

50 mile parial results:

1(tie) Mary Polumbo and Sandra Stevans
3(tie) Liz Moran and Daisy Bicking

After last year's fireworks, excessive noise and bumper-to-bumper traffic, we find ourselves in the difficult position of being under town scrutiny to prevent further disturbance of our neighbors. We have been granted our permit to proceed for this year with a long list of conditions. Most of them will impact your crews more than they will you, but it is imperative that YOU impress upon any crews, spectators, family, friends, supporters, etc the importance of following directions and guidelines. The ability of our event to continue at Silver Hill depends on it!

New Regulations

Cars and traffic

We will be e-mailing you a printable placard prior to the event. You will need to print this and put it on the dashboard of the vehicle which you drive to Silver Hill.
If your crew (etc) is arriving separately, you will need to make sure that they have one in their vehiclein order to have access to Silver Hill.
If your crew is planning to meet you at any holds or flybys on course, they will need to register their vehicle with ride officials. Crews attempting to access any hold without registering their vehicle with ride management will cause their rider to be disqualified.
You will receive more information on the procedure for registering your crew vehicle at a later date.
Each rider is allowed only ONE crew vehicle. Pair up if possible.
There will be several road closures around Silver Hill. They will be marked by "LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY" signs.If you or your crew is found using one of these roads, you will be disqualified from the event.
DO NOT USE GPS. Only use the directions provided to you by ride management, they are precise and will keep you out of trouble. Crew directions will be supplied after crew vehicle registration and WILL NOT be available online.
A nightly noise curfew will be in place at Silver Hill. It will be 10pm on Friday night and 11pm on Saturday night. No cheering after this hour. Sorry.

Volunteers: We need volunteers, be part of an amazing event, the only one in the country where horses and people ride/run the same trail at the same time. We need: scribes for vets, timers, pulse takers, trail markers and unmarkers, horse ambulance drivers, water crews, parking people. Contact Jenny Kimberly.