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2013 Tevis Cup
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Now it’s time to Take A Break: Toth, Quake win 100-mile Tevis Cup

Re-posted from Roseville and Granite Bay Press Tribune

After a hard day of work on an uber-hot Western States Trail, Quake received the ultimate reward: a fistful of carrots.

And after galloping for 100 miles in just under 17 hours, the 8-year-old chestnut gelding devoured his victory treats in a matter of seconds.

Rusty Toth, the man aboard Quake, was quick to deflect credit for winning this year’s Tevis Cup in a time of 16 hours, 57 minutes.

“It’s all about the horse,” Toth said of his steed, also known as Take A Break. “He did it — not me.”

Toth and Quake never held the lead throughout the ride that started at 5:15 a.m. until it mattered most.

With five miles to go until the official finish line at the Auburn Overlook, the winning duo took advantage of their window of opportunity.

Toth, who won the Haggin Cup last year after a fourth-place finish, described the win as amazing.

“Last year I won Haggin, so this is the icing on the cake, I guess,” he added. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to come here and win this. I never ever, ever dreamed I’d win this ride.”

Toth, who lives in Durango, Colo., isn’t used to temperatures that exceed 90 degrees. While riding up the El Dorado Canyon, he pointed out that it was 108 degrees at the bottom.

“It slowed me down quite a bit,” he said of the sweltering weather.

The same went for the rest of the field

At 6:18 p.m., the Tevis Cup's official Twitter account tweeted, "Due to the extreme heat, all cut off times except for the finish line at 5:15 (a.m.) have been extended by 15 minutes."

One horse had to be put to sleep during the endurance event, according to the official Tevis Cup Facebook page.

“The Tevis unfortunately had a fall accident today with horse and rider #140, last name Williams,” a post on the fan page said. “The horse fell, not far off of Cougar Rock and sustained a serious neck injury. The rider was not injured. A veterinarian attended to the horse. The horse’s injuries left no option but to euthanize. The Tevis regrets this unfortunate accident; however, it was just that – an accident.”

Horse No. 140, Diamond Ruler L, was being ridden by Kelly Williams of Penryn.

“It was a fall accident,” said Ride Director Chuck Stalley. “A seasoned rider and a seasoned horse. Horse rescue was caring for the horse for three hours.

“…Very unfortunate. Our hearts go out to the owner of the horse and the family. It’s a difficult ride.”

Jennifer Waitte of Yountville, who held the lead for a majority of the afternoon, finished second at 10:29 p.m. along with third-place finisher Jenni Smith of Moraga. Both reached the finish 17 minutes after Toth.

Christoph Schork of Utah was fourth and Colorado’s Kevin Myer fifth.

Auburn’s Hal Hall, seeking his 3,000-mile buckle, was in 24th place at press time.

Barbara White of Scotts Valley, who has a record 32 finishes, was pulled at Foresthill because of surface factors.

Penyrn’s Shellie Hatfield, chasing her 1,000-mile buckle, was pulled at Foresthill by her own choice.

Starting at Robie Park near Squaw Valley, 160 riders took off with the goal of trying to reach Auburn within 24 hours. Late Saturday night 68 riders had already been pulled from the ride.

Reach Matthew Kimel at matthewk@goldcountrymedia.com. Follow him on Twitter@matthewkimel

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Hatfield and her horse, of course, ready for Tevis Cup
Auburnjournal.com - Full Article

Rider, Elmo all set for ‘world stage’
By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor

Shellie Hatfield has been hooked on Tevis Cup ever since she first heard about the 100-mile equestrian endurance event.

The Penryn resident and Roseville business owner first rode in the Western States Trail Ride in 1987. After making the trek from the Bay Area up to Squaw Valley for her initial crack at it, Hatfield has tried to be a part of the field as often as possible.

“I had been doing endurance for a while and as you’re exposed to this sport, you quickly understand that the Tevis Cup is the world stage really,” said Hatfield, who will earn a 1,000-mile buckle if she’s able to complete the 58th running of the excursion in fewer than 24 hours. “It’s the most prestigious event in our discipline. If you’re competitive, you’re definitely going to want to do the Tevis Cup. That’s how I was introduced to it and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since..."

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Back in the saddle again: Auburn’s Hal Hall chasing 3,000-mile Tevis Cup buckle

Longtime rider would be 'honored' if Barbara White presented him the award

By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor

The Auburn resident, a three-time Tevis Cup winner who started competing in the equestrian endurance event in 1969 at the age of 14, has the opportunity to do something no man has ever done before.

If Hall can finish the 100-mile ride that starts Saturday at Robie Park near Squaw Valley and ends at the Auburn Overlook in fewer than 24 hours, he’ll earn a 3,000-mile buckle for finishing Tevis Cup on 30 different occasions — each in less than a day.

Hall, however, wouldn’t be the first person to receive the rare buckle. Barbara White of Scotts Valley acquired one — the only one to ever be awarded — in 2010.

“Like the other (years) in the past, I look forward to riding and competing in the Tevis Cup along the Western States Trail,” Hall said in an email to the Journal. “Probably more so since I will be joining Barbara White as the only other horseman to earn a 3,000-mile, 30-day buckle.”

White, who has known Hall for 45 years, recently expressed that she’d like to be the one to present Hall the hardware when the time comes.

“I’ve known him since he was a teenager and I was 20,” White said. “I’ve known him through every stage of our lives. I’m hoping for a great ride for Hal. He’s an exceptional rider. I’m pretty sure he’ll make it. He’s a savvy fellow.”

Added Hall: “I would be honored to receive the award from Barbara as she has set the standard for what all Tevis riders aspire.”

Hall, who won his first Tevis Cup in 1974 and last in 1990, will be aboard PR Comet for the 58th running of the endurance ride. The 17-year-old Arabian/Standardbred is a gelding owned by Fred Emigh of Georgetown in El Dorado County.

Hall, who also serves on the board of governors for the Western States Trail Foundation, is a three-time Haggin Cup winner.

The Tevis Cup is awarded to the first-place finisher while the Haggin Cup goes to the rider in the top 10 whose horse is judged most fit to continue riding at the conclusion.

Riding CR Rohbellion, Hall finished in 66th place in the 2012 rendition of the ride in 22 hours, 56 minutes.

This year marks the 38th time Hall’s attempted the ride. He was pulled during his first attempt, but a year later at the age of 15 he picked up his first buckle.

“I was there when he got his first one,” Ride Director Chuck Stalley said. “It seems like yesterday. Some of us have been doing this a long time.”

Reach Matthew Kimel at matthewk@goldcountrymedia.com. Follow him on Twitter@matthewkimel

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Endurance ride to test woman — for a cause
Orovillemr.com - Full Article

By JUNIPER ROSE-Staff Intern
POSTED: 07/15/2013

MAGALIA — Four years ago, a nursing school student took $40 out of her student loans and put a down payment on her first horse. Two and a half years ago, the pair rode their first endurance ride, and on July 20 they will take on one of the most challenging endurance rides ever — the Tevis Cup.

The Tevis Cup is a 100-mile horseback ride from Lake Tahoe to Auburn on the Western States Trail.

When Jayamae Gregory decided she wanted to ride the 100 miles on a rocky, cliff-lined trail, she knew it would be a challenge, but what she didn't realize was the time limit.

Just after declaring her goal to ride the Tevis Cup she opened their webpage.

"The first thing I saw was '100 miles, one day,'" she said.

Throughout more than two years of training, there might have been times when Gregory wanted to back out, but she isn't just doing this for herself. She is riding for her friend, Bren DeWitt Lee — who also has dreams of riding the Tevis Cup but now has advanced breast cancer — and to raise money for a girls home in Kenya...

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Pony express: Field of 165 to take on 100-mile Tevis Cup endurance event
Auburnjournal.com - Full Article

July 16 2013>br /> By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor

A wide-open field of 165 is set to take on the Western States Trail Ride this Saturday.

Starting at Robie Park near Squaw Valley at 5:15 a.m., riders and their horses will attempt to make it to the Auburn Overlook within 24 hours when the 58th annual Tevis Cup gets underway.

The prestigious equestrian endurance event will be contested without last year’s winners, Garrett and Lisa Ford, who didn’t sign up because they’re busy working at home in Colorado.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of talented riders and four-hoofed animals entered.

“There’s about 20 horses that you could expect to finish in the top 10 because of their record,” said Ride Director Chuck Stalley. “I would pick 10 from that group that the winner would come from.

“It’s always an open field in Tevis — stuff happens. The winner in his interview a couple of years ago said there are a million things you need to do to finish the race. You have to ride a smart ride and not fall down. On a hot day you’ve got to judge your horse accordingly and ride a smart ride. When you’re competing, you’re pushing the edge and each other. All of those front runners don’t always finish.”

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Barbara White going for record 33rd buckle

65-year-old rider can't keep herself off Western States Trail
By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor

Barbara White calls it an annual pilgrimage.

Every year the 65-year-old Scotts Valley resident makes a trek up to Auburn for Tevis Cup, the horse ride along the Western States Trail that begins in the Lake Tahoe area and ends in the Endurance Capital of the World.

“It’s addictive,” said White, who has completed the 100-mile-in-one-day ride an unheard of 32 times. “The trail just lures me back. It’s a spectacular trail. It’s a spiritual experience leaving Squaw Valley at night and coming into Auburn at night. It’s magical. It’s a chance to see if I still have the stuff to finish the trail year after year.”

No one has more Tevis Cup finishes than White, who is the first — and only — person to have ever earned a 3,000-mile buckle for completing the ride in fewer than 24 hours on 30 different occasions.

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Updated rider list 6/24/2013

June 24 2013

With 3 weeks and 3 days left till the 58th annual Tevis Cup, the rider list stands at:
172 Entries / 13 Junior Riders / 6 Foreign Countries / 11 Signature Entries

For details see:

Early Tevis Entry Deadline is Monday, June 17th!

Mail your Entry on or before June 17th

Postmark your 2013 Tevis Entry by June 17th to secure your entry at the $350 price. On June 18th the entry price goes up to $450. Don't miss out on the discounted price!

Click HERE to for the entry.

Postmark your Seeding Form by June 24th

June 24th is the postmark deadline date for seeding forms that will be considered. Please submit the form with information on you and your horse's record of rides completed together during the past year (if you do not have a record of riding together, submit the horse's record instead). If you do not send in a fully completed seeding form, you will not be considered to start in Pen 1.

Click HERE to for the seeding form.

To ensure the highest quality ride experience for all entrants the 2013 Tevis ride is limited to 210 entries plus foreign rider entries. Entry forms and more information are available online at www.teviscup.org

Special Rider Opportunities for 2013
03 March 2013.

Hello, Tevis enthusiasts. I hope your late winter training is going well. On behalf of the Tevis Ride Committee I would like to update you on the July 20, 2013 ride. I am excited to announce that the first 15 qualified juniors to submit a ride application with a qualified sponsor application for the 2013 Tevis will have their entry sponsored!

Hello, Tevis enthusiasts. I hope your late winter training is going well. On behalf of the Tevis Ride Committee I would like to update you on the July 20, 2013 ride. I am excited to announce that the first 15 qualified juniors to submit a ride application with a qualified sponsor application for the 2013 Tevis will have their entry sponsored! Yes, our young riders can ride free of charge! If the junior is a first time finisher, he or she would also qualify for a legacy buckle! Juniors and sponsors take notice that this invitation is extended to the first 15 entries. The 16th junior to sign up does not qualify for the free entry. Tevis Board members and our generous sponsors are committed to the future of the sport of endurance riding. The Tevis ride takes a stand that encouraging junior riders and their adult sponsors to accept the ultimate challenge is just one of the ways the Board of Governors is leading the sport by supporting today's youth. The first TEN juniors have been generously sponsored by Easy Care. If you would like to be a sponsor of one of our junior riders, let us know at the office. We would love to have you join in our mission.

The Legacy Buckle program is returning for 2013. Legacy Buckles are buckles that were earned and owned by Tevis completers who have been donated the buckle back to the WSTF. They are then presented to first time finishers at no cost to the rider, thus fulfilling the legacy. This program was so well received that the committee has had to work hard to offer this generous program again in 2013. Riders hoping to take advantage of this program need to pray extra hard to the "Tevis gods" to finish this year as the supply of "Legacy Buckles" may run out in future years.

In an effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders who would like to give back to the trails that mean so much to us, WSTF BOG announces the Signature Rider entry. For the rider who would like to be recognized for donating to the preservation and improvement of Tevis trail we offer the Signature Rider entry. This $1,500 entry which includes a buckle upon successful completion of the ride, a jacket for themselves and a sheet for their horse with a one-of-a-kind patron of the trail emblem monogrammed on both items, a Tevis Cup Director's chair, an invitation to the VIP/Foreign Rider Reception on Tuesday night, reserved seating at the Sunday Banquet with additional recognition, a two-night stall reservation, Thursday and Saturday night assisted parking at Robie Park and Foresthill, a copy of They Crossed The Mountains DVD, and a CalStar Insurance Membership specifically covering the Tevis Cup. The Signature Rider entry includes a letter of donation for $800.

To insure the highest quality ride experience for all entrants the 2013 Tevis ride is limited to 210 entries plus ten foreign rider entries. Entry forms are available on the home page.