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2011 Tevis Cup
Images by Merri Melde
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2011 Tevis Ride Stories

Jeremy Reynolds on Riverwatch wins Tevis 2011!

2011 Haggin's Cup winner - Riverwatch (Marvel)

Top Ten (and arrival times)

1 Arrived 7:01 pm Jeremy Reynolds - Riverwatch (Marvel)
2 Arrived 7:28 pm Rachel Shackelford - BR Cody de Sol (Cody)
3 Arrived 7:53 pm Dennis Summers - OMR Tsunami (Lola)
4 Arrived 8:11 pm Dayna Weary - Maximum Heat (Max)
5 Arrived 8:11 pm Garret Ford - The Fury
6 Arrived 8:11 pm Clydia Hastie - Frozen Assets (Pepe)
7 Arrived 8:17 pm Shellie Hatfield - Splashes Maskrade (Elmo)
8 Arrived 8:27 pm Leigh Bacco - Ez Silver Dollar (Silver)
9 Arrived 8:45 pm Laura Yost - OT El Din RSI (El Din)
10 Arrived 8:54 pm Shannon Constanti - Tallahassee (Tally)

Unofficial Final Results

Official full results will be posted at http://www.teviscup.org/

Haggin Cup Award Announcement

Jeremy Reynolds accepts Haggin Cup for Riverwatch

Tevis Crewing 1 at Foresthill

Tevis Crewing 2 at Foresthill

Tevis Start Video I - Woohoo!

Tevis Start Video II - Woohoo!

Photo Gallery

photos by Merri Melde

Haggin Cup Judging

Awards Ceremony

Tevis Gallery III

Tevis Gallery I

Tevis Gallery II

Vet In Gallery I

Vet In Gallery II

Vet In Gallery III

Vet In Gallery IV

2011 Tevis Cup: Just Marvelous - Merri Melde

Wednesday October 12 2011

"When he was at home, he'd undo the latches on the gates and let the other horses out. My girlfriend called him 'Marvel,'" Scott Sansom said of his 7-year-old Arabian gelding Riverwatch, that he'd sold part ownership to Heather and Jeremy Reynolds and Skip Lightfoot. "I said, 'Good! Then if he did something good, we could call him "Marvelous.''"

If winning the 2011 Tevis Cup with Jeremy Reynolds aboard, and then clinching the Haggin Cup (Best Condition award) qualifies as good enough - then "Marvelous" he is.

Scott got Riverwatch from his previous owners because of his - to put it lightly - feistiness. "That horse could buck!" Scott said.

By Baywatch V (a grandson of Desperado V, by Huckleberry Bey) out of Dana Cheyenne (a great granddaughter of Huckleberry Bey), the 15.2-hand bay gelding started his endurance career at age 6 with Scott, completing 5 of 6 50-mile rides.

This year, Riverwatch and Scott finished the 50-mile Shine and Shine Only in April in 2nd place, followed by a pull for lameness in May at the 75-mile Shine and Shine Only Ride. Around this time Reynolds Racing - Heather and Jeremy, and Skip Lightfoot - got involved. "I liked his build, and his attitude," Jeremy said. Scott sold part ownership to the Reynolds and Skip, and the Reynolds took over his training.

Marvel's next ride was a first place finish and Best Condition award in the 75-mile Mendocino Magic ride with Heather aboard. And the rest is - Marvelous.

Jeremy and Marvel crossed the finish line of the 2011 Tevis Cup - Marvel's first 100-mile ride - in Auburn in 10 hours, 31 minutes, "with a lot of horse left," Jeremy said. 27 minutes later, Rachel Shackelford and BR Cody de Soi finished second, after riding at or near the front the entire ride. It was their second completion together on the Tevis trail, after finishing 50th in 2009. It was a marvelous and emotional ride for Rachel, as it was her 17-year-old gelding's final ride. Cody will be retired after this Tevis...


Reynolds Wins Third Tevis Cup

Auburn Journal Auburn teenager Shackelford second
By Todd Mordhorst Auburn Journal

The route was different, but the results were quite familiar for Jeremy Reynolds at the Tevis Cup endurance ride Saturday.

The endurance horse trainer from San Jose rode to his third Tevis Cup Saturday evening. He completed the re-routed ride in 9 hours, 31 minutes, accounting for the two hours of required rest time.

The ride began in Auburn for the first time after heavy snow high in the Sierra left much of the trail too dangerous for the horses to navigate. Tevis Cup was postponed from its usual July start because of the unusually deep snow pack in the Sierra that lingered through the summer.

Reynolds won atop 7-year-old Riverwatch after winning Tevis in 2004 and 2007 on CV Eli.

“Today was a blast,” Reynolds said. “We had a good plan and we stuck to it. I knew I had a lot of horse left at the end. It was a fun day.”

Reynolds rode with 19-year-old Rachel Shackelford at the front of the field for much of the day before pulling ahead for good about 12 miles from the finish.

Shackelford finished second, wearing a broad smile as she rode into McCann Stadium and tearing up at the finish. The Placer High graduate and Lincoln resident rode BR Cody del Sol, a 17-year-old Arab who completed his final endurance ride in style.

“I had a great start and he knows the trail really well so once his nose was headed toward Auburn he knew what to do,” Shackelford said. “I’ve been riding him since I was 5. It was a big moment for us (at the finish) because I knew this was his last ride.”

Reynolds imparted some of his riding knowledge to Shackelford as they rode Saturday. The two met when Rachel was just 9 at the Fort Shelbourne Endurance Ride and they’ve ridden together several times since then. Shackelford was happy to be able to pick up some tips on her to the impressive result.

“He’s a good family friend and he was giving me some pointers along the way,” she said. “We had a great time.”

Reynolds said he was impressed by Shackelford’s maturity. She slowed down late in the race, sensing her horse’s fatigue.

“She put the horse first and I admire her for that – especially because she’s such a young rider,” Reynolds said.

Saturday’s victory was the latest and most prestigious in a series of impressive results for Reynolds, whose wife Heather is also a former Tevis winner. Reynolds has won rides each of the last three weeks, including the North American Endurance Team Championship in Plumas County.

Dennis Summers of Gifford, Wash. rode in just before 8 p.m. Saturday night to claim third place. Dayna Weary, from Prescott, Ariz., placed fourth, followed closely by Garrett Ford of Durango, Colo., and Scottsdale, Ariz. resident Clydea Hastie.

Riders have 24 hours to complete the ride and earn a coveted Tevis Cup completion buckle. The top 10 finishers are eligible for the prestigious Haggin Cup, which is awarded to the horse judged most fit to continue riding at the finish.

The Tevis Cup and Haggin Cup will be awarded today at the Gold Country Fairgrounds. There will be a barbecue at 1 p.m. followed by the awards ceremony at 2 p.m.

See Monday’s Journal for results of the Haggin Cup judging.

Full article, Auburn Journal

Tevis 2011: Haggin Cup Awarded to Riverwatch

Thehorse.com by: Marsha Hayes
October 10 2011, Article # 18943

On Oct. 9 the Tevis Cup committee presented the Haggin Cup--awarded annually to the horse judged most fit to continue by ride veterinarians--to Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds of San Jose, Calif., for the next-day condition of his mount, the 7-year-old bay Arabian horse Riverwatch.

Earlier in the morning eight of the top ten race finishers of the 100-mile endurance event presented their horses for evaluation by the Tevis veterinarians to determine which horse was "most fit to continue." Two of the top ten elected not to present for the award.

Led by head veterinarian Greg Fellers, DVM, the crew observed the horses as they were trotted in hand around a 60 foot circle outlined in the center of the Auburn, Calif., Fairgrounds. Horses also trotted a straight course, out and back, and veterinarians looked for any signs of lameness and rated the contestants' impulsion and attitude.

Each horse was also examined carefully for metabolic condition, hydration, and soreness.

Reynolds' 2011 win make for his third Tevis Cup and second Haggin Cup victory.

Of the more than 175 starters, 123 finished the ride, a 70% completion rate according to ride officials at the awards ceremony. Only 13 horses required veterinary treatment--less than half the usual number--and no horse experienced any serious problem, Fellers reported.

Fellers attributed the favorable rates to "near perfect weather."