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Owyhee Fandango Sponsors & Awards

Day 3 Completion
Day 1 Completion
Day 2 Completion

Day 3 BC coolers by Moxie Equestrian

Day 1 & 2 BC blankets by Mandolynn Hill Farm

3-Day Overall BC blankets by Belesemo Arabians

SSG Gloves

Ironclad Gloves

Junior jackets by Kerrits

Origami mobiles by PJ

Polar RS200Xgi
First Overall 3-day

Issentials tights by Toklat

Horseshoe ropers by Yost

The worlds leading resource for distance horse sport.

Sole protection, hoof packing and adhesive

SSG Riding GLoves
Equestrian gloves for comfort and confidence

Moxie Equestrian
Rump coolers - High performance fabric, classic design

performance gloves and workwear

Polar RS300Xg1 and Equine Healthcheck units

Toklat - Issential Tights

Kerrits Junior's Bomber Jackets

Mandolynn Hill Farm BC Blankets

Belesemo Arabians BC Blankets

Saddle pads from Fleeceworks
  • Global Endurance Race Training
  • Easycare
  • Hought Tack
  • Trail-Rite Products
  • Epona Products
  • Fleeceworks

  • Thanks to our Thursday afternoon Hoof Clinic sponsors!