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2009 Presidents Cup - Race Day
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Presidents Cup - Arrival
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2009 Presidents Cup - Vetting
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2010 President's Cup

CHARLANDRE EL SHARIF breaks his own world record in winning the 11th running of the President's Cup, setting a new time of 6:21.12 for the 160 km. Ridden by Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi of Al Reef Stables, Charlandre El Sharif repeated his victory of last year.


"The last loop was the cherry on the cake of this historical evidence, what we saw was an unprecedented fight with several changes of position and animals running as if on a great flat race track without fences. The exchanges were constant and less than 14 kilometers to arrive, it was impossible to say who would cross the finish line in front"

by Paula Nascimento - www.endurancebrasil.com.br

The title may sound exaggerated, but for those who are endurance enthusiasts, witness what happened last February 13, 2010 at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, has been elusive, and it is a privilege.

Again, it was sure that what happens in the Middle East is a different sport from the rest of the world. The world record was broken again this shows how hard and fought are the competitions in the UAE and this was evident with the top two broke the old record. The record continues with the horse of South African origin, Charlandre el Sharif, 13, from Al Reef Stables.

For the two Brazilian riders the race was short and lasted only one loop, both were eliminated by lameness. But it is inevitable to say that the experience was very worthwhile, since dropping to 106 sets at full speed is something that only happens in big races.

The disappointment of the Brazilians soon became an indescribable feeling. Andre Vidiz and Rafael Salvador, the breeder's Steinbruch Leo and Paul Saliba, and veterinarian Dr. Silvio Arroyo Filho were amazed at the competition as a whole and with the show they were watching. "We must see to believe" talked the whole time Leo Steinbruch, who besides breeder, is one of the most experienced riders in Brazil.

On Friday, the Brazilian squad is to follow the initial inspection. Andre Vidiz needed to change the mount because its not approved in the initial examination. After this time against the two representatives of Brazil were to know the horses they would ride. Rafael Salvador formed together with Amia, a mare of 13 years and Andrew Vidiz mounted Atlas of 12 years. It was five o'clock in the morning when I, along with the two riders, Leo and Silvinho, we arrive at the competition venue. It was dark and cold, after talking about how it would support the riders with the Al Reefs Stables team, we see the start. 106 horss began to race at full speed and the poor visibility did not stop the riders speed on the track. We follow the Brazilians riders on the track. The number of cars that follow the horses is amazing and the difficulty of driving in soft sand, with low visibility, high speed and with cars and horses through all sides, makes it even more exciting.

In the first stage who arrived in leadership was Tayef Atiq Al Falah, the Wrsan Stables, riding the mare Uruguayan 11 years, Silvina. The group had a mean of 25.52 kilometers per hour, traversing the 34 km in only 1h17min and only 1min57s was already in the vet-check. The Brazilians arrived half an hour ago and were eliminated.

For the second step, unfortunately we received the two as companions in the car. The pace was breakneck speed was maintained and in some places the horses were faster than the cars. Who led this time was the representative of Estonia, Kaja tuisk, who rode the horse Kheops Lozelle, owned by Seeh Al Salam Endurance Stables, averaging 25.47 km / h and recovery time of 1 min27s. The following 33 sets were less than 4 minutes apart in the first place.

In the third step the lead back to the Wrsan Stables, but with another rider: Abdul Rahman Mohd Karam Shirouh, with the animal Nadja Lotoise. The speed was 25.27 kilometers / h and recovery was 1min41s seconds and there were 22 horses that were less than 4 minutes from the leader.

The fourth loop had the feared Tora Bora mountains with a lot of ups and downs, a total of 32. From inside the car, we saw the horses were crossing the Tora Bora with much more ease than the cars themselves, which often came down in reverse, they could not reach the top of the mountain. The leadership was once again Tayef with teammate Abdul second. Tayef made 23.46 kilometers / h in the loop more difficult. The Tora Bora select who is able to get the victory, so that after this step we can see Ali Khalfan and Sultan Ahmed already in sixth and seventh place respectively, and 12 horses with less than 4 minutes for the first place.

In the fifth step, the leadership was assumed by Majed Mohd Salman Al Sabri, with Armin Zulu, 9 years, representing Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His speed was of 24.55 km / h and took 1 minute and 29 seconds to enter the vet-check. Nine sets were at 2 minutes apart.

The last loop was the cherry on the cake of this historical evidence, what we saw was an unprecedented fight with several changes of position and animals running as if on a great flat race track without fences. The exchanges were constant and less than 14 kilometers to arrive, it was impossible to say who would cross the finish line in front. After much fighting and less than 10 km to arrive, we saw that the fight would be restricted to the Sultan Ahmed Al Baloushi riding Charlandre El Sharif, who held the world record and Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri riding Kalifa, aged 12. The speed was very high and when they reached the final stretch of 2 kilometers, speeds increased from 50 km / h when the two side by side.But at the end, the experience of small South African horse of only 1, 48m high worth more and this crossed the line ahead of his opponent, breaking his own record.

Now, the Al Reef Stables has the two speed world records, in 160 km and 120 km.

The average speed of the champion in the last step was of 33.22 km / h and the second in 33.06 kilometers per hour, totaling an average speed of 25.18 kilometers per hour Both have completed the 160 km in just 6 hours and 21 minutes.

Describe and express all the emotions of this last Saturday in Presidents Cup 2010 is difficult, but maybe say it was fantastic, is the closest to what you mean. It must see to believe and by luck and a lot of fighting, some Brazilians have been able to witness this spectacle.

Photo by ABDUL RAHMAN/Gulf News
Gulfnews.com By M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter
February 14, 2010

Beats Al Jahouri of Al Wathba in a nailbiting finish to lift the President's Cup

Abu Dhabi : Twenty-three-year-old Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi of Al Reef Stables rode Charlandre El Sharif to a scintillating victory in the Dh1.5 million HH The President's Cup, the 13-year-old gelding breaking his own world record for a 160km ride by more than seven minutes.

Al Beloushi denied Al Wathba's Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri, on Kalifa, in a finish that would have done a 1,000-metre sprint proud as there was hardly anything to separate the two horses after 160km of battling at the Emirates International Endurance Village at Al Wathba desert area.

Al Beloushi and Charlandre El Sharif completed the ride in a record time of 6 hours, 21 minutes and 12 seconds, bettering the earlier best of 6:28.28 by the same horse under Omar Hussain Al Beloushi in January 2008 in the HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup at the Dubai International Endurance Village.

The Al Reef youngster, riding the horse trained by his elder brother Yousuf Ahmad Al Beloushi, was fourth going out into the final loop of 16km with less than a minute separating the top six riders.

However, Al Beloushi's horse, one of the most consistent performers, managed to get the better of 160km specialist Al Jahouri and shatter his ambition of winning his first President's Cup.

"This is without doubt the greatest win of my career. Charlandre El Sharif is a star and today he proved it," said Al Beloushi.

He, Al Jahouri and the third-placed Majid Salman Al Sabri received a car each for their efforts.

"My elder brother Yousuf just told me to pace my speed to under 25kmph for the first five stages (144km) and then go all out in the final loop, and I did just that," said Al Beloushi, whose average speed on the final 16km loop was 33.22kmph in comparison to his ride average speed of 25.18kmph.


For Al Jahouri, it was a heart-breaking experience as the President's Cup is the only silverware missing in the Al Wathba star's showcase.

"I think it just boils down to bad luck. I have won the National Day Cup thrice, the 160km HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup twice. But my best in this ride [before this race] was a third-place finish in 2007," said Al Jahouri.

Earlier, 106 riders started in the event, which was attended by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, and Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, among others.


Results of yesterday's 160km endurance ride:

1. Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi (Charlandre El Sharif), 6:21.12
2. Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (Kalifa) 6:21.13
3. Majid Salman Al Sabri (Armin's Zulu) 6:27.33

The CEI*** 160 km President's Cup will be run for the 11th year on February 13 2010 at Emirates International Endurance Village in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Foreign invited riders:

Pietro Di Geronimo - Belgium

Andre Vidiz - Brazil
Rafael Salvador - Brazil

Caroline Denayer Gad - France
Santisteva Benedicte - France

Belinda Hitzker - Germany
Sabrina Arnold - Germany

Valentin Kun - Hungary
Eniko Odor - Hungary

Jannet Van Wijk - Netherlands - Zaira Star
Carmen Roemer - Netherlands - Eddie R

Beata Dzikowska - Poland
Ola Ciesielska - Poland

Boulbol Feras - Slovakia
Silvia Potocna - Slovakia

Ellen Rapp - USA - Belshazzar
Jeremy Reynolds - USA - Sir Smith

An Abu Dhabi Farewell - Heather Reynolds, Reynolds Racing

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!! This is our 4th one in the UAE! How strange. Today we went to take care of the horses in the morning. They were both doing well. They got to spend the day out in a large paddock together. It seemed relaxing for them and was the least they had to do since they arrived here. We also packed all of our gear up as the horses were to ship out on Monday.

After that we headed to Sheika Madiya's barn. It was a good thing that Jeremy had a hand drawn map in addition to a verbal explanation because we were driving on a highway type road and then had to look for a certain Kilometer marker and then hook a left handed turn, off- roading, as in deep sand, to a road that ran beneath the one we were on. It would have been really cryptic had there not been the verbal instructions.

After an hour plus drive we were there. Madiya showed us around and we got a tour of her horses. After this we had a wonderful lunch with her and her friend and sister. The meal was delicious and had many traditional plates.

When we finished eating we went to her barn and there were horses waiting, saddled and ready for us...


By M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter
February 12, 2010

Twenty top riders from around the globe to take part in event

Abu Dhabi : Four cars and a prize fund of Dh1.5 million will be up for grabs in tomorrow's His Highness The President's Cup 160km endurance ride, which also sees the introduction of a team competition at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, Adnan Sultan Saif Al Nuaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club said, "We have invited riders to form teams of four members each and the riding time of the three top finishers in each team will count for the competition.

"Twenty riders, invited from the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium and Poland will be taking part in the event which will be run in six stages," Al Nuaimi said.

"The Al Wathba Stud Farm, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage [ADACH], Bonyan International Investment Group LLC, Invest AD and Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2010 are supporting the event and we are thankful to them," he said.

Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Communications Director of ADACH, said, "Endurance riding is part of our heritage and culture and we are glad to be involved in this sport."

Lara Sawaya, Director of Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Flat Racing said, "The Al Wathba Stud Farm is supporting this event which is one of the biggest endurance rides in the world. The introduction of the team competition will make it more interesting and lay the emphasis on team work."