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Endurance.Net Home 2008 HH Sh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup January 12 2008 - Dubai

Love Bonds French and German Ace

Starters List (PDF) || (28) Eliminations - Gate 3(PDF)
Arrivals - Steph Teeter || International Riders
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1 - UAE -69Hassan bin Ali Le-Wardi Daneska
2 - UAE -20O Omair Husain Al BloushiCharlandre El Shari
3 - UAE -22Yousef Ahmed Al BloushiJibbah Eno
4 - UAE -93Mohd Hilal Salim Obaid Al BalartiHarmere Turfan
5 - UAE -98Saif Salem Mohd Al Faresi Joueur de Loup
6 - UAE -125Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri Leblond
7 - UAE -59Majed Mohd Al Sabri Orkara
8 - UAE -14ubarak Khalifa bin ShafyaZakar Zahara (Seih Assalemg)
9 - UAE -5HH Shk Majid bin Mohd Al MaktoumKaysand Farrazah
1 - ESP -47Jaume Punti DachsZannarah Pashina
1 - UAE -55Salem Rashed bin GhadayerDeen
1 - UAE -19Abdullah Khamis Ali SaeedTorryburn Rise and Shine
1 - ESP -3Uma Mencia UrangaMatta Mia Larry
1 - FRA -74Julien GoachetLC Centurion
1 - UAE -89Salim Mohd Al SabousiDivine Blue Denim
1 - UAE -86Buti Mohd Khalaf Al Marri Drumlin Moonshine
1 - UAE -79Mohd Rashed Saeed Al SubosiGenio II - Partarab
1 - UAE -90Thani Mohd Al MehairiMacqaurie Park Sedition
1 - IND -115Madan Singh Mod SinghSharahd Talik



Dubai Arrivals - Steph Teeter

The energy in the UAE is unlike anyplace else. As I got off the plane, through customs, baggage claim, arrival area, lobby - the noise and energy level grew stronger. The duty free shops were packed, the arrival hall was crammed with people of all colors speaking all sorts of languages. At it was 1AM! I flew into Abu Dhabi, which in the past has felt much more relaxed than Dubai - but I think it has caught the growth fever as well by now. This trip was a bit spontaneous. I was planning on coming to UAE in January, but not this early. When I got confirmation that HM Tuanku Mizan would be coming to ride in the Al Maktoum cup, I got on the phone and after several hours was able to change my original flight so that I could fly out earlier, and would be leaving within the next 12 hours! I spent most of the night packing (as well as unpacking from the previous trip) and then John drove me to the airport to catch a 6am flight out of Phoenix, to catch a 1pm flight out of Seattle, and after too many hours to count, here I am!

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Invited International Riders

Country2007 RankingRider
1France2Jack Begaud
2France24Virgine Atger
3France30Jean Philippe Frances
4France32Sophie Arnaud
5France39Philippe Tomas
6France1313Jean Michel Grimal
7France1141Philippe Benoit
8France13Cecile Miletto
9France55Larent Mosti
10France391Elodie Le Labourier
11France41Julie Lafaure
12France37Barbara Lissarrague
13Germany9Marianne Hahnel
14Germany7Sabrina Arnold
15Spain94Ander Mato Garcia
16Spain193Yon Zabalua
17Belguim12Karin Boulanger
18Great Britain62Anna Williams
19Great Britain87Janice Cockley Adams
20Great Britain137Liz Taylor
21Italy28Patrizia Giacchero
22Italy170Fausto Fiorucci
23Italy1024Gianluca Laliscia
24Portugal164Rui Pereira
25Norway562Ellen Suhr
26Australia72Meg Wade

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