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December 10, 1998. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Details and Information by the UAE Equestrian & Racing Federation, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

    All nations represented by the FEI have been invited. 41 nations have formally entered to participate. Several more have indicated interest. Around 200 horses and riders are scheduled to compete. All of the continents except Antarctica will be represented.

    The host nation will transport at their expense all horses and up to 27 riders, grooms, owners and team officials per the 6 horses allowed per team. Stabling, fodder and bedding will be provided for the horses for up to 3 weeks before until 1 week after the ride as well as food and accommodation for 1 groom per 3 horses for the same period. The rest of the grooms, riders, owners and officials will be given food and lodging for up to 1 week before and 3 days after the ride. Information and Assistance booths will be provided at both Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport to assist arriving competitors and support staff for easy passage through immigration, issuing of visas and to provide transport to their hotels.

    Travel arrangements will be made through Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau with offices located in the Federation.

    The main venue of the ride will be the beautiful Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club located about halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Secretariat will also be located in the administrative offices of the clubhouse and stands of the racecourse. Horses will be stabled in groups according to import health groups in the various stables on the grounds. The main groupings will be Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa Asia and the Middle East. Hay and fodder will be provided by the organizers with hay and grains being brought in from various areas including Europe to feed the horses.

    Training trails have been established from the stabling areas into the nearby desert and beach area. These are set up so the various health groups can train separately to keep the horses fit and ready for the ride. Timing of use of these trails will be staggered so all will have an equal chance to prepare their horses.

    The head quarters hotel will be the Jazira Beach Hotel located about 5 minutes from the stabling venue. All countries will be given some accommodation there to allow grooms access to the horses. FEI officials and Organising Committee officials from the Federation will also be located here. As the total demand for rooms will be very high, most of the visitors will be accommodated in nearby hotels within a 20-25 minutes drive from the main venue. Vehicle rental offices will be established in the hotel lobby of Jazira to allow easy access to vehicles. Provision will also be made for rental of cell phones etc. for the visitors.

    The ride itself will be held on 10 December 1998. The First Veterinary Inspection will be held the day before. The Closing Ceremony will be held on 11 December in the evening. Workshops and meetings are planned for the days prior to the ride, exact scheduling as yet to be worked out.

    The start of the ride will be from the Ghantoot area out into the desert. All Veterinary Check points will be located in the main Vet Gate area located in the desert near the area known as Seih Assalem. The trail will consist of a number of loops (4) out from this area and return for each Vet-Check. The trail will consist of undulating terrain of firm sand with a few areas, which cross deeper dune sand hillocks. The areas of deep sand will be short in duration, usually less than 500 meters and at no point will be farther than 2 km. More than 90% of the course will be firm sandy base. Altitude differential will be virtually non-existent. The finish of the ride will be at the Vet Gate area. Horses will be transported back to the stables by vehicle.

    The Vet Gate area will be a virtual village in the desert. All amenities will be present here with restaurants, media facilities, sponsors chalets, veterinary clinic, shops etc., all available for the comfort and convenience of competitors and spectators alike. Each team will have their own shaded crewing area with cooling devices for the horses and riders. Timing of the ride will utilise the newly developed computer system, which will provide up to the minute statistics and results. Monitors will be available to provide that information to spectators and crews.

    There will be more than 25 FEI International Officials and Veterinarians from all over the world present to monitor the ride. These Officials have been carefully chosen to include the most knowledgeable, experienced senior officials available.

    In addition to the many experienced FEI Official Veterinarians available to screen the horses before, during and after the ride, the Federation will have a world class treatment team headed by Dr. Martha Mischeff of Dubai Equine Hospital available to provide the finest of veterinarian care. Martha will have at her disposal not only the facilities of Dubai Equine Hospital for referral but also a first class fully equipped field hospital on site at the vet gate provided by the UAE Federation. This facility will have a full range of laboratory equipment allowing immediate assessment and treatment of any emergencies. Provision is being made to accumulate some research data regarding these horses as it is a unique opportunity to gather data on this many horses with a history of having shipped so far. This will give equestrian sport valuable data to assist horses in international competition in the future.

    The Organising Committee has arranged to bring a media person from each country as well as many internationally recognised equestrian journalists, photographers and television crews. A number of international television outlets including CNN are planning to have crews present to film for their respective outlets. Exposure to the world for this Championship should be very large. In addition a Closing Ceremony of major proportions with internationally known artists is being prepared. To be held in Zayed Sports Center a crowd of more than 30'000 is expected.

    Place and time of start
    Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club, Abu Dhabi
    Thursday 10 December 1998 at 04:00

    Organising Committee
    UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation
    P.O. Box 3234
    Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates
    Tel. (971 2) 661 800
    Fax (971 2) 655 700

    H.E. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

    Secretary General:
    Mr Faisal Seddiq Mohammed Samea Al Mutawa

    For more information:
    Mr Jim Bryant DVM

    Veterinary aspects
    Veterinary Inspection: 9 December 1998 a.m.
    Final Veterinary Inspection: within 30 minutes of the finish

    Shipping agent
    Peden Bloodstock Ltd
    Great Britain
    Tel. (44 1252) 844 042
    Fax (44 1252) 844 043