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Tierras de Al-Andalus


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2010 Al Andalus
Images by Steph Teeter

2010 Al Andalus
Images by Steph Teeter

2010 Al Andalus
Images by Steph Teeter

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Overall Winners:

1 .- Marta Hidalgo and Hermes - 19h-01'-20''
2 .- Jesus Ruiz and Durango - 19h-28'-56
3 .- Carlos Otaolaurruchi Barbadillo and Caracol - 21h-05'-42'

Everything in El Rocio points to the start of VI Raid Kaliber-Andalucia
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Ride Through Sevilla during VI Kaliber-Andalucia|| Jesus Ruiz wins second stage and overall lead
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Rest Day in Cordoba - Gabriel Gamiz
Marta Hidalgo and Hermes win Stage 5 and regain overall lead
Chronicle of Fifth Stage - Gabriel Gamiz
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Marta Hidalgo and Hermes Win!

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Photo Galleries

Stage 1: El Rocio-Sevilla
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 1: El Rocio-Sevilla
Various Photographers

Stage 1: El Rocio-Sevilla
by Kristian Feneux

Stage 2: Dos Hermanas-Carmona
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 2: Dos Hermanas-Carmona
by Kristian Feneux

Stage 3: Carmona-Ecija
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 3: Carmona-Ecija
by Kristian Feneux

Stage 4: Ecija-Cordoba
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 4: Ecija-Cordoba
by Kristian Feneux

Stage 5: Villafranca de Cordoba - Cardena
by Kristian Feneux

Stage 5: Villafranca de Cordoba - Cardena
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 6: Cardena - Virgen de la Cabeza
by Gabriel Gamiz

Stage 6: Cardena - Virgen de la Cabeza
by Kristian Feneux


VI Kaliber-Andalucia: Preview || Stage 1: El Rocio-Sevilla || Urban Stage: Sevilla
Stage 2: Dos Hermanas-Carmona || Stage 3: Carmona-Ecija || Stage 4: Ecija-Cordoba
Rest Day: Cordoba || Stage 5: Villafrance de Cordoba-Cardena
Final Stage 6: Cardena-Virgen de la Cabeza

Chronicle of Sixth Stage of VI Kaliber-Andalucia: Cardena - Virgen de la Cabeza

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

April 9 2011

Came the end of this VI Kaliber-Andalucia, in this day has run the sixth stage of the raid between the cities of Cárdenas and Andujar (Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza).
Regained, and is the third time, "HERMES" mythical horse and not only in Andalusia but throughout Spain, this time ridden by the rider sanluqueña Marta Hidalgo in a quiet day, as their pursuers have not been able to stand up has managed not only to maintain the difeencia he had in the day yesterday, but the point has been increased and also won this stage, since it has been seconds from winning this stage and also Sanlúcar Colonia Jorge Montaño.
He started the day, as usual, before the clear day, and that that thought had to leave at 9 am, but the transfer from Montoro to Cardena, makes us early.

There was dawn when the birds singing and the noise of the Guadalquivir, gave us good morning in the Hotel Mirador de Montoro, with its beautiful views overlooking the Rio Grande de Andalucia.

On the football field Cardeñas, concentrate all participants, for a collective veterinary inspection, as the horse's health is the primary purpose of the Organizing Committee and the Veterinary Commission.
They turn to repaint all the numbers of horses, for this last stage that runs through the magnificent Natural Park Place New Cardeña.
Today I go back to play this wonderful Nature Reserve to the participants of the trial, did not know the park for its interior and part I could see, as an unfortunate accident by a French rider, had to return for trodden steps to make it safe to mother injured.
Is to name the good work of 112, which served us diligently on the petition of the final evacuation of the injured, as the organization treated him, immobilized and evacuated to the nearest health center to the Park, as was Cardeña.
Removing this unfortunate accident, the rider is well, how nice the way it is worth crossing the Park, galloping tracks is a pleasure, flowering vegetation and oak, pine and other trees create an atmosphere which everyone has admired . All participants agree on the majesty of the environment.
Arriving at the river Jandula, is the Vet-Gate site to remember, if the road is nice, the New Place area watered by the river, not lagging behind.
The final phase, running through the traditional route of the Virgin, and a good floor slopes conducive to gallop when one horse.

The finish line at the very feet of the Virgen de la Cabeza, is headed by Jorge Montano with "Splendid" it took to walk the stage 2h-52'-14''at an average speed of 16'05Km / h .

2 .- Marta Hidalgo with "Hermes" in 2h-52'-20''at an average speed of 15'90Km / h.

3 .- Daniel Maldera with "Otello Rivoiron" in 3h-02'-06''at an average speed of 15'07Km / h.
Being the General classification:
1 .- Marta Hidalgo 19h-01'-20''
2 .- Jesus Ruiz in 19h-28'-56 26'-56''to''the winner.
3 .- Carlos Otaolaurruchi Barbadillo in 21h-05'-42''to 2h-4'-22''of the winner.

After the stage of the day and on the same stage of the esplanade of the Virgin, has made the awards ceremony by the President of the Governing Board of Park Sierra de Andujar D. Alfredo Ibarra, the Director of the Natural Park of Sierra de Andujar D. José María Molina and Jose Manuel Soto as President of the test.
To close the act of the awards, I am speaking Vice President of the Diputación de Jaén D. HE Pilar Parra, who was grateful to José Manuel had Diputacion since the first Al-landalus Kaliber and after passing through these lands Jaen.
Results of Rosa Montero.

Greetings Gabriel en route.

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