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Tierras de Al-Andalus

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El Rocio to Sanlucar de Barrameda
Images by Steph Teeter

Seville to El Rocio
Images by Steph Teeter

Sanlucar de Barrameda to Ronda
Images by Steph Teeter
2011 Raid Kaliber Andalucia is upon us! Another spectacular journey by horseback across southern Spain - with samples of food and culture and an abundance of historical sites.

This Link will take you to the official website, with information about this year's event. The ride of a lifetime - check it out!

2010 Tierras de Andalucia

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Day 1 Summary: Prolog

Day 2 Summary: Sevilla to El Rocio

Day 3 Summary: El Rocio to El Rocio

Day 4 Summary: El Rocio to
Sanlucar de Barrameda

Day 5 Summary: Sanlucar de Barrameda to Ronda

Day 6 Summary: Antequera to Grenada

Day 7 Summary: Grenada to Guadix

Day 8: Finish in Baza!
Behind the scenes...

Adios Andalusia
Raid Kaliber Andalusia - http://www.endurance.net/international/Spain/2010AlAndalus/More[...]

Home Again (I'll follow the rain)
John met me at the airport at midnight after a long long long long 24 hours of airports and lines and flying and landing and more airports and more lines and more flying. I was really lucky to get a flight out when I did, my scheduled flight was one of the first authorized to leave Barcelona in a few days. (Iceland's volcano!) So I had it pretty good, but it was very chaotic in all the airports. Many tired passengers, all the flights were bursting at the seam, security lines and check in lines were impossibly slow. More[...]

Andalucia - this is Endurance!
This is what Endurance riding is meant to be. I have so had it with FEI and flat races and loop courses... for me that is not Endurance, that's a long version of a track race. Everybody that loves this sport should take a look at what Soto and his team have done. Five hundred kilometers of trail in eight days of riding. From Sevilla the heart of Andalucia, to the Atlantic Ocean where the Rio Guadalquiver finds its destination - where the city of Sanlucar de Barrameda was built to guard this important port. Through farmlands with olive trees, cottonwood forests, herds of sheep and goats that roam the rocky hills which are too steep for anything else ... to Grenada where the Moors built one of their last cities of retreat as they fled this land - to Cazorla - to the source, the nacimiento of the Guadalquivir - a tiny pool of water that gathers strength as it falls out of the mountains, the river that is the life blood of Andalucia. More[...]

It's gonna be a race!
With one day left to go, there are four teams (Equipos) vying for first place. With a seven day overall time of 26:54:50 the #3 team of Paulette Maldera (riding Louna Rivoiron) and Daniel Maldera (riding Otello de Rivoiron) are in first place. More[...]

From Grenada to the mountains (brrrr....)
I'm finally warm and dry. Still listening to the rain fall outside. There was a news flash on the TV this afternoon about the heavy rains and flooding. More[...]

Leaving Grenada

Tuesday the Thirteenth
Ok - there's no way I'm going to be able to keep up! I'm going to have to wait until this is over for the real story. I'm not sure who is still in the race, and how the times and results are going - there is so much to tell, but it's going to have to come later. I'll keep posting bits here and there for now.More[...]

Donana National Park
I'm sitting in one of the back rooms of the Hotel Guadalquivir pub/restaurant trying to get caught up. It's almost 10:30pm, just got back from the ride briefing and awards ceremony - it was held in an old bodega, La Gritana, where they have been making Manzanilla - Sherry - for a century at least. Huge old 'cave' in the middle of the city of Sanlucar Barrameda - the city at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River where it empties into the Atlantic. More[...]

Day 2, Riding with Ines
Another day... actually a night and a day. Soto and Alexis were out on the trail much of the night, finding trail for the day and putting markers back up. And then out again at dawn putting it all together. Today was an 'uh oh we can't use the Jerez trail we need to find another one fast' day. And it was actually beautiful today - similar to yesterday's finish through the preserve, pines and sandy trail, wild flowers and prickly pear. Much of it went beside a paved access road so we were able to follow along. Although it was cloudy most of the day and I don't think the photos came out very well - maybe a few!More[...]

El Rocio, and El Rocio again
Yesterday the trail left from a horse club outside of Seville, and wound through the countryside through farms and pastures and forests. Everything is so green! They had record rains this winter, and the grasses and flowers are waist high in places - very verdant. We went through orange groves, with the sweet smell of orange blossoms. Through olive groves, along wheat fields, some already beginning to turn golden. Rolling countryside, very pretty. More[...]

What a birthday!
In an old hacienda, built in 1689 - originally constructed as a mill for producing olive oil, now a historic building of Seville - high adobe ceilings and huge wooden doors, tables loaded with tapas, vino - lambrusco, vino tinto, vino blanco, champagne - muscatel, beautiful spanish people serving food and more food and wine and more wine. and before the evening is over the lights dim and a cake is brought in, and people singing Happy Birthday - and Jose Manuel Soto (one of Spain's famous singers!!!) singing Happy Birthday... and the television camera rolling. OMG you never know what life will give you!!More[...]

Hay mucho trabaho
Now it begins. I've worn many 'hats' in this sport - rider, journalist, groom, organizer - but I think that no matter which hat I am wearing, my heart is with the organizer. There is so much involved in hosting a ride - so many variables (entries, trail access, weather...) it is so unpredictable, and yet there is so much heart and hope and passion that goes into 1) wanting to host a ride and 2) wanting to provide the best trails possible and 3)wanting to provide the best of care to the horses and riders and 4)wanting everybody to have a good time - it's such a labor of passion. More[...]

Dos Hermanas
Wow... I left the north country of Idaho two days ago...I think I'm gettin' too old for all this travel. or maybe just not used to it anymore, or too soft or ... I had a long and convoluted flight from Boise to Denver to Frankfurt to Barcelona to Seville (gotta love those cheap ticket itineraries). Arrived by taxi at the hotel in Dos Hermanas (a town outside of Sevilla) around 9pm. Had dinner, a shower, checked email and fell asleep around midnight, fully expecting to head over to the hippodrome in the morning to check out preprations for the 5th running of the Raid Kaliber Tierras de Andalucia. More[...]

V Raid Kaliber Tierras de Al-Andalus

One more year, making this the fifth Raid Kaliber Andalucia - a world reference for all of the cross-country endurance race fans.
We cross Andalucia, a region that is full of natural treasures that possesses a history and culture of thousands of years. We want to show this unique landscape throughout the longest horse race in the world! Raid Kaliber Tierras de Al Andalus

April 6, at the headquarters of the Cruz del Campo in Seville, officially launched the V-Kaliber Andalucia with the presence of D. Manuel Jimenez Barrios, Secretary General for Sport Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sports of the Junta de Andalucia, D. Antonanzas Diego de Toledo, Director of Sponsoring & Events Image Heineken Spain and D. Jose Manuel Soto Alarcon alma mater as the Kaliber-Andalucia.

The event began with the official launch of the V Poster Kaliber-Andalucia. Later, Jose Manuel Soto spoke and presented the video of the raid made with beautiful images of previous Kaliber. He also presented the tour of the beautiful places in Andalusia and the general difficulties in recent times that the event is having, but nevertheless, we continue this beautiful equestrian event.

Then a representative from Kaliber spoke in Andalucia, as one of the leading proponents and sponsors of this Raid and acknowleging the magnificent views of the event. The presentation closed with the Secretary General for Sport of the Junta de Andalucia, reminding all of the passion that unites him with Jose Manuel in the Raid, because since the first Al-Andalus, he is supporting the sport, which provides information to Andalucia by worldwide.

At the close of this presentation, they gave us all the cheer with glasses of beer, accompanied by rich viands prepared by Gambrinus school students with a good ham from our friend Maximilian.

If you love nature and are passionate about horses, you must try the tough and exciting Kaliber 'Andalucia' endurance trial. it is a unique event, crossing the wonderful landscape of a region which is full of beauty and history. Get to know Andalusia from the saddle of your horse and fell at one with its mountains, its golden beaches, its white villages, and its green countryside.
This horse event started in 2006 and is becoming a world reference in horse endurance.
Eight incredible stages which cover 500 kms of paths and tracks through nature parks, flats, marshlands, and rugged mountains. Discover the diversity of the marvellous and fascinating land and the warmth and hospitality of its people.
Take the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world, horse lovers who share your love for these demanding events, friends with whom you will share a truly unforgettable experience.
If the horse is your passion and nature your dream, do not hesitate to join us, you will be enrolled in the most wonderful experience that a rider can have!

Jose Manuel Soto

Fri Apr09: Dos Hermanas Etapa prologo Prologue
Sat Apr10: Sevilla a El Rocio Map
Sun Apr11: El Rocio a Sanlucar de Barrameda Map
Mon Apr12: Sanlucar de Barrameda a Jerez de la Frontera Map
Tue Apr13: Arcos a Ronda Map
Wed Apr14: Ronda a Antequera Map
TduApr15: Loja a Granada Map
Fri Apr16: Descanso Granada Descanso!
Sat Apr17: Granada a Guadix Map
Sun Apr18: Pozo Alcon a Cazorla Map
More information at www.tierrasdeal-andalus.com

Steph Teeter will be traveling to Spain to follow the 5th running of the Tierras de Al Andalus. Stay tuned for photos and stories and some short videos! This is an amazing event - combining challenging, changing, and beautiful trails with snapshots of Andalusia's historic villages and cities... and a sampling of fine wines and authentic spanish dishes.