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Images by Merri Melde
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Notes from photographer Becky Pearman at the 2014 WEG

**See Becky's complete photos galleries here**

Opening Ceremonies

USA Team

Vetting In

Race Day

August 27 2014

Day before the race-shipping to venue

Excitement builds! Riders and grooms prepare to load and ship, then getting there fifiteen minutes from stables. Vet inspection will happen at 5pm France time (11:00am EST)

1 day to go!

August 24 2014

With two days till race day, these are some images from Tuesday morning.

2 days to go!

August 24 2014

Hi All! We made it to France! I know you all have been anxiously waiting news...This is literally the first chance I've had to get online and upload photos and give you guys an update. We had an overnight flight to Paris Friday, arrived about 7:45am Paris time, then a five hour drive to Sartilly which is where the endurance venue is (and our rental house). We literally took ten minutes to change into our official clothes, and head to the stables to get on the bus for the opening games about an hour and a half drive from us in Caen.

The ceremonies were all they were cracked up to be as you can see in some of the photos. We got back to Sartilly about 2am for a five hour "nap", then back to the stables to do team portraits! Whew! I'll attach a couple albums so you can see the ceremonies and our "touristy" pictures separate. Enjoy! I finally have a good wi fi signal, so should be able to keep all my supporters and fans of the US team updated.