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Overnight tied to trailer

Lynn wrote:
>get loose).  I've competed a number of horses now and  none have had any
>problems being tied to the trailer -- with the lead rope left long enough
>that the snap comes just above the ground the horse can lie down, roll,

I'm a little concerned about Apache...leaving him tied all night.  I've
never done it because I have yet to participate in my first ride.
But...After I ride him, he loves to roll.  You can see him reveling in it.
I usually turn him loose in the grass beside our pasture to roll (with lead
rope dragging to slow him down a little if he decides to take off), then
feed him out there so if he wants to roll again, he can.  But sometimes, I
used to tie him to the fence post where I feed him for one reason or
another.  Mostly it was because another owner would be out with their
horses, or feeding their horses and Apache loves to eat other horses' food,
push them around, herd them.  :)  When I leave for a few minutes (go to the
car to get brushes, med supplies, whatever), he still tries to roll while
he's tied.  I'm scared that he might break his neck when trying to roll
while tied.  Is this an unfounded fear?  I can just see him getting the
rope caught in his front foot while pawing, then rolling and hurting himself.

   Chattanooga, TN

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