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Re: RideCamp: overnights in a trailer

>Hi Lynn
>I'm sure you're right that in some situations it is better to leave them in
>the trailer particularly if you can take the partitions out and give them a
>little more space. Probably if you're camping nearby it's less problematic you
>can keep an eye on them and warm them up the next day. Also trailers in the UK
>are a lot smaller especially with the partitions up.

If I were taking a horse to a competition I wouldn't leave it in the
trailer!  I do NATRC CTR and since all horses in the competition have to be
stabled the same, that same is typically having the horse tied to the
trailer. ( Actually, I really don't like those portable corrals or electric
corrals -- they are used a lot at endurance rides and I see too many horses
get loose).  I've competed a number of horses now and  none have had any
problems being tied to the trailer -- with the lead rope left long enough
that the snap comes just above the ground the horse can lie down, roll,
move around a bit:  they all think of the side of the trailer as home.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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