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Re: RideCamp: Earlier vet checks

There is always the problem of suitable sites for vet checks.  Years ago at
a planning meeting for a fund raising wagon ride the subject of two 30 mile
days in a row came up.  The trail boss explained that he did not have a
come-along strong enough to drag the towns closer together.  Some rides are
like that.
There is plenty of evidence that horses do better if the first check is at
10-15 miles out on the trail.  Fortunately, most rides here in the Midwest
are loops back to camp so the checks can usually be spaced as desired.
Since my horses will drink readily on the trail, I personally prefer the
first loop to be a long one,  but understand that a short first loop can
sometimes prevent real problems for some horses.

Ed and Wendy Hauser
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

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