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Re: RideCamp: Earlier vet checks

One of Dr Loving's suggestions was to amend the rules to allow for P&R's
without vets for early checks like these. Her emphasis was on getting
horses into the P&R and letting them unwind; this pause allows the very
fit horses to continue on, while horses running on adrenaline can
decompress and set out at a more reasonable pace. And problems that are
being covered up by the excitement of the early part of the ride will
become obvious.

Linda, Gilroy

Ed & Wendy Hauser wrote:
> There is always the problem of suitable sites for vet checks.  Years ago at
> a planning meeting for a fund raising wagon ride the subject of two 30 mile
> days in a row came up.  The trail boss explained that he did not have a
> come-along strong enough to drag the towns closer together.  Some rides are
> like that.
> There is plenty of evidence that horses do better if the first check is at
> 10-15 miles out on the trail.  Fortunately, most rides here in the Midwest
> are loops back to camp so the checks can usually be spaced as desired.
> Since my horses will drink readily on the trail, I personally prefer the
> first loop to be a long one,  but understand that a short first loop can
> sometimes prevent real problems for some horses.

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